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From Sumit Nigam <>
Subject Phoenix query performance
Date Sun, 03 Apr 2016 09:55:35 GMT
I was benchmarking some of the phoenix queries with different compaction level tuning. 
A strange thing is observed when there are huge number of Hfiles on disk. The queries not
returning any data (resultset size 0) execute very quickly (5-10 ms or so) but just doing
a on result set returned from such a query takes over 50 seconds! This is consistently
I'd assume that when the prepared statement executes and prepared the result set, it has completed
reading the table or memstore and/ or Hfiles on disk, so the time it takes to execute the
query should have included that time. Hence, when I do on such a result set produced,
it should not take huge time esp. when it is empty.
What am I missing or has anyone else faced/ solved this issue?
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