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From <>
Subject create table like syntax
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2016 12:16:42 GMT
Hi guys     As I know create table a like b syntax should have been supported since long before(refer
to ,however when i am using phoenix 4.5,
i got below exception:0: jdbc:phoenix:cnzk0,cnzk1,cnzk2> create table debug_visit like
visit;Error: ERROR 604 (42P00): Syntax error. Mismatched input. Expecting "LPAREN", got "like"
at line 1, column 26. (state=42P00,code=604)org.apache.phoenix.exception.PhoenixParserException:
ERROR 604 (42P00): Syntax error. Mismatched input. Expecting "LPAREN", got "like" at line
1, column 26.	at org.apache.phoenix.exception.PhoenixParserException.newException(
at org.apache.phoenix.parse.SQLParser.parseStatement(	at org.apache.phoenix.jdbc.PhoenixStatement$PhoenixStatementParser.parseStatement(
at org.apache.phoenix.jdbc.PhoenixStatement.parseStatement(	at
org.apache.phoenix.jdbc.PhoenixStatement.execute(	at sqlline.Commands.execute(
at sqlline.Commands.sql(	at sqlline.SqlLine.dispatch(	at
sqlline.SqlLine.begin(	at sqlline.SqlLine.start(	at sqlline.SqlLine.main(
by: MismatchedTokenException(86!=90)	at org.apache.phoenix.parse.PhoenixSQLParser.recoverFromMismatchedToken(
at org.antlr.runtime.BaseRecognizer.match(	at org.apache.phoenix.parse.PhoenixSQLParser.create_table_node(
at org.apache.phoenix.parse.PhoenixSQLParser.oneStatement(	at org.apache.phoenix.parse.PhoenixSQLParser.statement(
at org.apache.phoenix.parse.SQLParser.parseStatement(

	... 9 more
     So I checked the grammar page and found  no "like" semantic there. Is there a quick way
to do the same thing?      Thank you.



Thanks&amp;Best regards!
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