There will be 10 millions rows. After the index metadata is created we run an UPSERT SELECT (with a SCN at which the data table was resolved) to create index rows for all existing data rows. Any new rows that are written to the data table after the index metadata is created will be written to the index by incremental index maintenance (since when we resolve the data table we will see the newly created index). 

On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 2:34 PM, Li Gao <> wrote:
Hi Community,

I want to understand and confirm whether it is expected behavior that a long running index creation will capture all in-flight new rows to the data table while the index creation is still in progress.

i.e. when I issue CREATE INDEX there are only 1 million rows
after I issued CREATE INDEX call, before CREATE INDEX finishes there are 9 million new rows inserted into the data table

So when CREATE INDEX completes, will there be total of 10 million rows?