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From Jonathan Leech <>
Subject Re: Local indexes not working with hbase replication
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2016 18:27:37 GMT
Figured it out, but I need some guidance on how to keep both sides in sync with respect to
secondary indexes / system.catalog.

The issue was that the indexes got different values in the view_index_id column of the system.catalog

How can I make sure these values stay in sync between clusters? My current method was to run
the same DDL in both clusters, and to replicate user tables, but not internal Phoenix tables...
I can look into replicating system.catalog, but I was relying on Phoenix to create the hbase
tables themselves, etc by running the DDL. I also suspect there may be some internal state
in the region server coprocessors that wouldn't be there unless the DDL is run in the cluster.
Would like to avoid an hbase restart in the replica cluster.


> On Feb 29, 2016, at 5:09 PM, Jonathan Leech <> wrote:
> Some are and some aren't working... Version is 4.5.2-1.clabs_phoenix1.2.0.p0.774 on CDH5.5.1.
Tried rebuilding on destination, then on both sides, the doing snapshots to transfer the data,
all to no avail. The data replicates but Phoenix doesn't see it. I don't see any obvious differences
on the tables / indexes that work vs those that don't... Any ideas?

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