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On 03/11/15 17:10, Andrew Purtell wrote:
Today I pushed a new branch '4.6-HBase-1.0-cdh5' and the tag 'v4.6.0-cdh5.4.5' (58fcfa6) to This is the Phoenix 4.6.0 release, modified to build against CDH 5.4.5 and possibly (but not tested) subsequent CDH releases.

If you want release tarballs I built from this, get them here: 

Binaries  (signature) (MD5 sum)  (SHA-1 sum)


Signed with my code signing key D5365CCD.

​The source and these binaries incorporate changes from the Cloudera Labs fork of Phoenix (, licensed under the ASL v2, Neither the source or binary artifacts are in any way "official" or supported by the Apache Phoenix project. The source and artifacts are provided by me in a personal capacity for the convenience of would-be Phoenix users that also use CDH. Please don't contact the Apache Phoenix project for any issues regarding this source and these binaries. 

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   - Andy

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