Here is the Jira: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PHOENIX-2453.
I’ve attached a patch too.


On 24 nov. 2015, at 02:13, James Taylor <jamestaylor@apache.org> wrote:

Thanks for the explanation, Clement. Please file a JIRA - it seems that your suggestion would be ok based on the javadoc for prepareStatement(String sql, int autoGeneratedKeys) [1]:

    This parameter is ignored if the SQL statement is not an INSERT statement, or an SQL statement able to return
    auto-generated keys (the list of such statements is vendor-specific).

We should probably do the same for the one that takes an int[] columnIndexes too.

Patch would be good too with a couple of simple unit tests.


On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 2:18 AM, Clement Escoffier <clement@apache.org> wrote:
Hi James,

Sorry for the delay, I tried to get a complete overview of our issue.

So let me explain the use case. For the context, the issue was raised by a user of vert.x (http://vertx.io). This user tries to connect the vertx-jdbc-client to phoenix. A vert.x application cannot use directly the JDBC driver because it promotes an asynchronous and non-blocking development model (while jdbc interactions are blocking). The vertx-jdbc-client is using ` `prepareStatement(String sql, int autoGeneratedKeys)` which throws an exception. 

Actually, in the vert.x case, it would be acceptable to delegate  `prepareStatement(String sql, int autoGeneratedKeys)` to `prepareStatement(String sql)`, and totally ignore the `autoGeneratedKeys`. Would this be acceptable for you (if so I would do a PR) ? 

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On 20 novembre 2015 at 17:37:36, James Taylor (jamestaylor@apache.org) wrote:

Hi Clement,
Can you tell us a little more about your use case and how you'd like prepareStatement(String sql, int autoGeneratedKeys) to behave?

On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 2:31 AM, clement escoffier <clement@apache.org> wrote:


I’m facing an issue with the prepared statement support. Right now, we are trying a build a prepared statement using the `prepareStatement(String sql, int autoGeneratedKeys)` method. This method is not supported by the Phoenix JDBC driver. Is it something you plan to support ?

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