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From Vijay Vangapandu <>
Subject Help with salting
Date Tue, 03 Nov 2015 23:44:34 GMT

I integrated one of the online services in my company with hbase using apache phoenix, after
loading few millions of records I noticed that we have hotspot problem. All the records are
going to one region as the keys are generated using sequence.
Usecase is: each user has 1000’s of records with combination of userid and second record
id as rowkey (primary key uid, XXX). When user logs in we fetch all records by using userid
and render the results to user. But updates will always be with combination (userid + XXX).
Below are my questions.

 1.  If I salt the table using apache phoenix, is there any performance impact on reads as
the reads has to query all regions?
 2.  If I have to salt the table, how many buckets should I use for 8 regional servers with
272 regions, roughly 33 regions for a regions server?
 3.  If I salt the table using phoenix, what is the effort to move away  from pehonix and
use the hbase client directly in later times ( not that I want to but just checking the options)

Thanks for your help.

Vijay Vangapandu
eHarmony, Platform
Principal Software Engineer

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