That sounds a bit fragile. It might mean that the implementation will be incorrect if the code is compiled under Java 8, which wouldn't be ideal (especially now that Java 7 has been EOL'd).

Is anyone likely to be looking into the cause?


On 14/09/15 16:24, James Taylor wrote:
Thanks for filing these issues. I believe these failures occur on Java 8, but not on 7. Not sure why, though.


On Monday, September 14, 2015, James Heather <> wrote:
Reported as


On 14/09/15 11:56, James Heather wrote:
Table "b" should get evicted first, which creates enough space for "d". But in fact "c" gets evicted first, and then "b" needs to be evicted as well to make enough room.

I don't know if there's a race condition in here somewhere. It's odd that no one has picked up on a failing test before, so I'm wondering whether it succeeds in some environments. But it fails for me on both Ubuntu and Fedora (both with 64-bit Java 8).