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From Satish Iyengar <>
Subject PhoenixHBaseStorage issues with Salted table
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2015 14:02:41 GMT
Good Morning,

I am using Phoenix 4.2.2 with Hbase 0.98 on Horton Works HDP 2.2.

My Phoenix table looks like this

CREATE TABLE checks(hashed_key varchar(32), enterprise_id bigint not
null, business_date
date not null, location_id bigintnot null, cost_center_code varchar,
varchar, day_part varchar, check_number varchar, total decimal(15,2),
item_sum decimal(15,2), item_count decimal(15,2), discount_sum decimal(15,2
), service_charge_sum decimal(15,2), tax_sumdecimal(15,2), payment_sum
decimal(15,2), service_charge_percent decimal(15,2), void_sum
decimal(15,2) CONSTRAINT
pk PRIMARY KEY (hashed_key, enterprise_id, business_date, location_id,
 cost_center_code, cost_center_name, day_part))SALT_BUCKETS=32, VERSIONS=1;

My pig script to store in the above table is

c = foreach b generate md5hasher(event_group_key) as hashed_key,
 enterprise_id, ToDate(business_date, 'yyyy-MM-dd') asbusiness_date,
 location_id, (chararray) cost_center_code, normalize(cost_center_name) as
 cost_center_name, day_part_nameas day_part, (chararray) check_number,
  aggregate_total as total, aggregate_item_sum as item_sum,
 aggregate_item_count asitem_count, aggregate_discount_sum as discount_sum,
 aggregate_servicecharge_sum as service_charge_sum, aggregate_tax_sumas
 tax_sum, aggregate_payment_sum as payment_sum,
 aggregate_servicecharge_percent as service_charge_percent,
aggregate_void_sum as void_sum;

STORE c into 'hbase://checks' using
    org.apache.phoenix.pig.PhoenixHBaseStorage('zkquorum','-batchSize 5000'

I am getting exception

Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to process column _SALT:BINARY,
 innerMessage=org.apache.phoenix.schema.TypeMismatchException: ERROR 203 (
22005): Type mismatch. BINARY cannot be coerced to VARCHAR at org.apache.
phoenix.pig.hadoop.PhoenixRecord.write( at org.apache.
phoenix.pig.hadoop.PhoenixRecordWriter.write( at
java:41) at org.apache.phoenix.pig.PhoenixHBaseStorage.putNext( at org.apache.pig.backend.hadoop.

How can I get around this? Am I missing something?

Furthermore, Is it possible to provide a KeyPrefix Split policy (HBase
provided) with Phoenix table?


Satish Iyengar

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."
Albert Einstein

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