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From kaye ann <>
Subject HBase's checkAndPut, Timestamp in Phoenix-Spark API
Date Sat, 18 Jul 2015 03:40:52 GMT
I am using Spark 1.3, HBase 1.1 and Phoenix 4.4. I have this in my code:val rdd =
=> Row.fromSeq(r))
val dataframe = sqlContext.createDataFrame(rdd, schema)"org.apache.phoenix.spark", SaveMode.Overwrite,
    Map("table" -> HTABLE, "zkUrl" -> zkQuorum))This code works, but...1. How do I implement
HBase's checkAndPut using Phoenix-Spark API?CREATED_DATE is always set to in
the dataframe.I don't want the field to be updated if the row already exists in HBase, yet
there's an update in other fields.I can achieve it using HBase's checkAndPut: Put all the
fields and use checkAndPut on created_date field. 2. How do I add an HBase Timestamp using
Phoenix-Spark similiar to HBase API:Put(rowkey, timestamp.getMillis)-----------------This
is my code using HBase API that I am trying to convert to Phoenix-Spark since I think Phoenix-Spark
is more optimized:rdd.foreachPartition(p => {
  val conf = HBaseConfiguration.create()
  val hTable = new HTable(conf, HTABLE)

  p.foreach(r => {
    val hTimestamp = ...
    val rowkey = ...

    val hRow = new Put(rowkey, hTimestamp.getMillis)
    r.filter(...).foreach(tuple =>
      hRow.add(toBytes(tuple._1), toBytes(tuple._2), toBytes(tuple._3))

    val CREATED_DATE_PUT = new Put(rowkey, hTimestamp.getMillis)
      .add(toBytes(CF), toBytes(CREATED_DATE), toBytes(now))
    hTable.checkAndPut(rowkey, toBytes(CF), toBytes(CREATED_DATE), null, CREATED_DATE_PUT)

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