Hi Kiru,

How many regions are there on this table?

Could you also share some information on the schema of the table (e.g. how many columns are defined)?

Does a "limit 10" query also hang in this table?

Could you also elaborate a bit on the issues you were running into when loading data into the table? We're there performance issues, or we're things not working at all?

- Gabriel
On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 23:56 Kiru Pakkirisamy <kirupakkirisamy@yahoo.com> wrote:
We are trying to benchmark/test Phoenix with large tables.
A 'select * from table1 limit 100000' hangs on a 1.4 billion row table (in sqlline.py or SQuirreL)
The same select of 1million rows works on smaller table (300 million).
Mainly we wanted to create a smaller version of the 1.4 billion table and ran into this issue.
Any ideas why this is happening ?
We had quite a few problems crossing the 1 billion mark even when loading (using CsvBulkLoadTool) the table.
We are also wondering whether our HBase is configured correctly.
Any tips on HBase Configuration for loading/running Phoenix is highly appreciated as well.
(We are on HBase 0.98.12 and Phoenix 4.3.1)
- kiru

- kiru