what kind of disc using , sas or sata ?  how much cpu for system /user?
also can using jstack to check what is the map are doing ?
whether too much map stared in one node? 

From: Bulvik, Noam
Date: 2015-01-07 21:29
To: user@phoenix.apache.org
Subject: RE: high CPU when using bulk loading
Only when doing bulk loading and only during mapping phase

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Subject: RE: high CPU when using bulk loading

Is the CPU usage 100% all the time OR only while doing bulk loading?




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Subject: high CPU when using bulk loading





We  are tuning our system for bulk loading. We managed to load ~250M records per hour (~96G of raw input csv data ) on a cluster with 8 nodes. We use MR bulk loading tool with pre split table and salted key.


What we currently see is that while Mappers are working we have 100% CPU usage across the cluster. It was our impression that the mapper will be I/O bound and not so much CPU intensive


Any idea what else can we tune /check.








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