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Customers contains : 9 million rows

Address :18 million rows

Orders : 18Million rows

Order_Details : 36 Million rows

Payterms & Shipterms each contain 1million rows ..



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Subject: /*+ NO_STAR_JOIN */ and Indexes


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Can we run a query which contains both /*+ NO_STAR_JOIN */ as well as /*+ INDEX(INDEXED_TABLE INDEX/ in the same query ??


I am running a query like :


Select /*+ NO_STAR_JOIN  Index("Address" "Address_Index") Index("Customers" "Customer_Index") Index("Orders" "Order_Index") Index("Order_Details" "Order_Detail_Index") */   * from "Address" as a

    inner join "Customers" as c on a."A_C_Id" = c."C_Id"

   inner join "Orders" as o on a."A_C_Id" = o."O_C_Id"

    inner join "Order_Details" as od on od."O_Id" = o."O_Id"

  inner join "Payterms" as p on p."Payt_Id" = o."O_Pay_Terms"

                inner join "Shipterms" as s on s."Shipt_Id" = o."O_Ship_Terms"

                where c."C_Name_Id" = 'Zameer100002';



and I see no performance benefits over the above query where I don’t use the Index criteria in the same query. Is there any other syntax that I should be using.


P.S :” Select /*+ NO_STAR_JOIN */  /*+  Index("Address" "Address_Index") Index("Customers" "Customer_Index") Index("Orders" "Order_Index") Index("Order_Details" "Order_Detail_Index") */   * from "Address" as a………….” I tried this combination but I got an error. L






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