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From Vamsi Krishna <>
Subject Issue with disabling phoenix global index in lowercase
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2014 23:49:43 GMT

I'm working with HDP 2.2.



Phoenix: 4.2

I created namespace 'test' in HBase.
I created a table 'table1' in Phoenix under namespace 'test' in HBase.
I created a global index 'table1indx1'  on table 'table1'.
When I try to disable the index 'table1indx1', I'm seeing an error.
Please refer to the sequence of events, commands & error in the below table.
Please help me resolve this issue.

  *Hbase shell*

*Phoenix command line interface*



create_namespace 'test'

create table "test:table1" (col1 varchar primary key, colfam1.col2 varchar,
colfam1.col3 varchar);

create index "test:table1indx1" on "test:table1"(colfam1.col3 desc);

alter index "test:table1indx1" on "test:table1" disable;

Error: ERROR 1012 (42M03): Table undefined. tableName=TEST:TABLE1INDX1

*Note:* Same scenario works fine when I create the namespace, table name,
index name in UPPERCASE.

Vamsi Krishna Attluri

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