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From Jody Landreneau <>
Subject internal table client cache
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2014 18:43:32 GMT
I have a use case where I have multiple instances of the phoenix client
running. Essentially, they are taking data and performing upserts. These
are on multiple machines. When I update a table schema, ie)by adding a
column, the clients start failing. The update is performed via a client
outside these running instances. The code that builds the upsert statement
understands that an additional column was added and creates the proper
upsert statement.

Thinking this was a connection cache issue, I tried setting a max time to
close connections(they are in a pool). This did not work. I ended up
tracing the issue and finding that there is a MetaDataImpl cache that gets
populated on startup. Table schema are stored in this cache. And when
something is performed like an upsert there is code in the FromCompiler
that checks columns, but the columns are not updated in this internal cache.

I can file an issue on this with more details but wanted to get some
insight from others as to if it were some property to pass in that can tell
the cache to refresh at some interval. Possibly this should have been
stored on the connections and used that connection timeout or if there was
a property to pass in to the driver itself to cause a refresh.

thanks --

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