Seeing some odd messages involving the Indexer just prior to the Region server crashing.

Has anybody seen similar or know of a fix?

This is with PHX 4 and HBase 0.98.0

Log snippet..


2014-03-08 04:28:02,253 DEBUG [RS_OPEN_REGION-Fenrir:60020-0] coprocessor.CoprocessorHost: Loading coprocessor class org.apache.hadoop.hbase.index.Indexer with path null and priority 1073741823

2014-03-08 04:28:02,254 ERROR [RS_OPEN_REGION-Fenrir:60020-0] coprocessor.CoprocessorHost: The coprocessor org.apache.hadoop.hbase.index.Indexer threw an unexpected exception No jar path specified for org.apache.hadoop.hbase.index.Indexer