Can you send me the NPE you get on startup?

On first connection to the cluster, Phoenix will do the following:
1) switch coprocessors on SYSTEM.TABLE to the new org.apache ones
2) scan your SYSTEM.TABLE for any existing tables and switch coprocessors on them too

Looks like something went wrong between (1) and (2).


On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 8:55 AM, Justin Workman <> wrote:
I updated phoenix in my test cluster today from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3. Every thing starts fine, however I when running sqlline I get a Null Pointer exception on startup and no tables are show when issuing a !tables command.

When looking at the tables in HBase shell, I can see that the coprocessor definitions on the SYSTEM.TABLE have been updated to org.apache.phoenix.XXX but none of the other tables were updated, and the SYSTEM.TABLE does not show up in sqlline shell either.

Any pointers on how I would go about updating the coprocessors on these tables, and what I need to do to get the tables to show via sqlline. When I connect via sqlline this is the only thing I see in the master servers logs.

2014-02-13 09:47:40,946 INFO org.apache.phoenix.coprocessor.UngroupedAggregateRegionObserver: Starting ungrouped coprocessor scan {"timeRange":[0,7],"batch":-1,"startRow":"","stopRow":"","totalColumns":0,"cacheBlocks":true,"families":{"_0":[]},"maxVersions":1,"caching":1000}
2014-02-13 09:47:40,962 INFO org.apache.phoenix.coprocessor.UngroupedAggregateRegionObserver: Finished scanning 0 rows for ungrouped coprocessor scan {"timeRange":[0,7],"batch":-1,"startRow":"","stopRow":"","totalColumns":0,"cacheBlocks":true,"families":{"_0":[]},"maxVersions":1,"caching":1000}