Yes, phoenix.schema.dropMetaData is a client-side setting.

You can create a VIEW instead of a TABLE and your data won't be deleted. However, performance won't be as good as with a TABLE under some circumstances. Also, you wouldn't be able to use mutable secondary indexing with VIEWs. Note also, the old data is still there - we've just added Delete markers. You can actually connect at an "earlier" timestamp and continue to query the old data:


On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 1:11 PM, Justin Workman <> wrote:
I'm looking for some guidance on the proper way to drop a table from Phoenix yet preserve the underlying HBase table and data? I have read here,, that I should be able to set a value to false and have the table preserved in HBase. Is this a client side or server side setting?

I added that value, phoenix.schema.dropMetaData, to my clients hbase-site.xml and set it to false and when I dropped the table in Phoenix, it did preserve the table in HBase, however it truncated all of the data. 

Is there anyway to preserve both the table and data when dropping a table in Phoenix?