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From Justin Workman <>
Subject Long DB Connect Times
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2014 18:04:13 GMT
I am using this following java code to make my DB connection and I am
seeing what seems like long connect times to the database. We see similar
connect times opening a connection with sqlline. Are there any options to
speed up the connection? The query is returning in roughly 500-700ms once
the connection is made.

Timing of the Java client around the db connection statement
DB Connection Time: 17.09 s
DB Connection Time: 6.888 s
DB Connection Time: 2.007 s
DB Connection Time: 6.894 s
DB Connection Time: 12.05 s

This is all running the same query, and reconnecting to the DB everytime.
We are using Kerberos, but I am starting my timer after authenticating.

Sample code

*DB Connection:*
public static Connection getPhoenixConnection() throws Exception {
    String connectionURL = "jdbc:phoenix:" + zkQuorum;
    LOGGER.warn("Making Phoenix Connection Now To Zookeeper: " + zkQuorum);

    Connection r = DriverManager.getConnection (connectionURL);
    return r;

*Call to connect to DB:*
UserGroupInformation ugi =
KEYTAB_PATH);"Logged in from keytab as: " + ugi.getUserName());
    // Create connection as privileged user
    Stopwatch connectionTimer = new Stopwatch().start();
    conn = ugi.doAs(new PrivilegedExceptionAction<Connection>() {
        public Connection run() throws Exception {
           try {
              conn = getPhoenixConnection();
           } catch (Exception e) {
              LOGGER.warn("Failed to make secure Phoenix connection. " + e);
              throw e;
           return conn;

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