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From Li Li <>
Subject PhoenixIOException: end index (1) must not be less than start index (7)
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2014 10:16:19 GMT
what's wrong with it?
exception stack:
com.salesforce.phoenix.exception.PhoenixIOException: end index (1)
must not be less than start index (7)
        at com.salesforce.phoenix.util.ServerUtil.parseServerException(
        at com.salesforce.phoenix.iterate.ParallelIterators.getIterators(
        at com.salesforce.phoenix.iterate.MergeSortResultIterator.getIterators(
        at com.salesforce.phoenix.iterate.MergeSortResultIterator.minIterator(

my code:
public static String getHtml(PhoenixConnection conn,String url) throws
SQLException, MalformedURLException{
PreparedStatement pstmt=null;
ResultSet rs=null;
String host=getReversedHostFromUrl(url);
pstmt=conn.prepareStatement("SELECT html FROM vc.webpage where host=?
and url=?");
pstmt.setString(1, host);
pstmt.setString(2, url);
if( return rs.getString(1);
else return null;
DbTools.closeAll(null, pstmt, rs);

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