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From Li Li <>
Subject rowkey tricks in hbase schema design
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2014 09:33:38 GMT
hi all,
    as a hbase user, I am told to carefully design table schema for
data access pattern. e.g. you should balance wide table and tall
table, you should do many tricks with rowkey(and even
columnfamily,quantifier). to get followed users you should implement
observers to add A-followedBy-B when insert B-follow-A. Using
coprocessor to push aggregating work to server. Avoiding hot spot by
md5(key) or adding salt....
    In phoenix, all tricks gone. phoenix hide all from user. That's
fine. But as phoenix is not mature as sql(even sql, many query plan is
not well constructed and we should explain it and check the detail of
query), how can I be convinced it's as quick as pure hbase with many
    Another question, the secondary index is a great feature. will it
slow down writing performance?
I found many secondary indexing strategy in and also found
some third-part solution like this: How is secondary implemented?
If I add an index to a table that already filled with many rows, will
the old rows be indexed automatically?

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