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Subject cvs commit: modperl-docs/src/docs/offsite books.pod
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 05:09:47 GMT
stas        2003/06/03 22:09:47

  Modified:    src/docs/offsite books.pod
  - update Practical mod_perl book info
  - include width/height tags in all images loaded from that page
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.9       +31 -21    modperl-docs/src/docs/offsite/books.pod
  Index: books.pod
  RCS file: /home/cvs/modperl-docs/src/docs/offsite/books.pod,v
  retrieving revision 1.8
  retrieving revision 1.9
  diff -u -r1.8 -r1.9
  --- books.pod	7 Mar 2003 04:29:59 -0000	1.8
  +++ books.pod	4 Jun 2003 05:09:46 -0000	1.9
  @@ -12,16 +12,15 @@
   =head2 Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C
  -=for html <img src="../../images/books/wrapmod.jpg" alt="Writing
  -Apache Modules with Perl and C" align="right">
  +=for html <img src="../../images/books/wrapmod.jpg"
  +width="107" height="140" align="right"
  +alt="Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C">
  - is the home site of The Apache Modules Book, a book
  + is the home site of The Apache Modules Book, a book
   about creating Web server modules using the Apache API, written by
   Lincoln Stein and Doug MacEachern.
  -The book should be available from your local bookstore or from your
  -favorite on-line bookseller.  O'Reilly & Associates lists this book
  +O'Reilly & Associates lists this book as:
     Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C
     By Lincoln Stein & Doug MacEachern
  @@ -32,10 +31,11 @@
   =head2 The mod_perl Developer's Cookbook
  -=for html <img src="../../images/books/modperlcookbook.jpg" alt="The
  -mod_perl Developer's Cookbook" align="right">
  +=for html <img src="../../images/books/modperlcookbook.jpg"
  +width="113" height="140" align="right"
  +alt="The mod_perl Developer's Cookbook">
  -Home site:
  +Home site:
   SAMS lists this book as:
  @@ -48,17 +48,25 @@
   =head2 Practical mod_perl
  - is the home site of the new mod_perl book,
  -that Eric Cholet and Stas Bekman are co-authoring.  We expect the book
  -to be published in 2002 by O'Reilly & Associates.
  -Ideas, suggestions and comments are welcome. Please send them to
  -E<lt>info {at} modperlbook.comE<gt>.
  +=for html <img src="../../images/books/practical_modperl.jpg"
  +width="128" height="169" align="right"
  +alt="Practical mod_perl">
  +Home site:
  +O'Reilly & Associates lists this book as:
  +  Practical mod_perl
  +  By Stas Bekman, Eric Cholet
  +  May 2003
  +  0-596-00227-0, Order Number: 2270
  +  924 pages, $49.95 US, $77.95 CA, 35.50 UK 
   =head2 mod_perl Pocket Reference
  -=for html <img src="../../images/books/modperlpr.jpg" alt="mod_perl
  -Pocket Reference" align="right">
  +=for html <img src="../../images/books/modperlpr.jpg" 
  +width="85" height="140" align="right" 
  +alt="mod_perl Pocket Reference">
   The I<mod_perl Pocket Reference> by Andrew Ford was published by
   O'Reilly and Associates
  @@ -80,8 +88,9 @@
   =head2 Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason
  -=for html <img src="../../images/books/masonbook.jpg" alt="Embedding
  -Perl in HTML with Mason" align="right">
  +=for html <img src="../../images/books/masonbook.jpg"
  +width="107" height="140" align="right"
  +alt="Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason">
   I<Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason> discusses Mason
   (, a toolkit for web programming that runs
  @@ -101,8 +110,9 @@
   =head2 Running Weblogs with Slash
  -=for html <img src="../../images/books/runblogslash.jpg" alt="Running
  -Weblogs with Slash" align="right">
  +=for html <img src="../../images/books/runblogslash.jpg"
  +width="107" height="140" align="right"
  +alt="Running Weblogs with Slash">
   Slash ( is the open-source software system
   that drives the hugely popular Slashdot ( web

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