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From Andrew Schwartzmeyer <>
Subject Review Request 65872: Windows: Fixed location of Docker's `config.json` file.
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2018 23:57:06 GMT

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Review request for mesos, Akash Gupta, Jeff Coffler, and Joseph Wu.

Bugs: MESOS-8619

Repository: mesos


Per MESOS-8619, Docker checks `$USERPROFILE/.docker/config.json`
instead of `$HOME`. Mesos overrides this environment variable in order
to point Docker to a `config.json` file in another location, so we
have to fix the assumption we made about Docker.

We do not add this constant to stout, because it is not consistent
across Windows applications. This particular logic is specific to the
implementation of Docker. Other applications might check `$HOME` or
`$HOMEPATH` on Windows.


  src/docker/docker.cpp 876dfffc2ee68e345ff336fefa6cf908c3d2a5c4 



Deployed a `` consisting of `.docker/config.json` in "Linux-form" i.e. with base64
encoded password (not `wincred`) using the following task:

    "name": "fetcher-test",
    "task_id": {"value" : "fetcher"},
    "agent_id": {"value" : ""},
    "resources": [
            "name": "cpus",
            "type": "SCALAR",
            "scalar": {
                "value": 1
            "name": "mem",
            "type": "SCALAR",
            "scalar": {
                "value": 512
    "command": {
        "uris": [ {"value": "file://C:/Users/andschwa/"} ],
        "shell": false
    "container": {
        "type": "DOCKER",
        "docker": {"image": "andschwa/nanoserver:1709"}

The `andschwa/nanoserver:1709` is a _private_ repo, and `docker logout` was run (and confirmed
that the machine could not pull the image manually).

With this patch and the `` URI, it was fetched, unzipped, and found by `docker pull`,
enabling it to successfully pull the private image.

> docker images
REPOSITORY            TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
andschwa/nanoserver   1709                816017814fa2        2 weeks ago         312MB

This is difficult to unit-test because it requires private credentials, an external private
docker repo, and global side effects of Docker images (i.e. you can't have it cached). But
I am, of course, open to ideas of how to programmatically test this.


Andrew Schwartzmeyer

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