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From Neil Conway <>
Subject Re: Review Request 57254: Added support for hierarchical roles to DRFSorter.
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2017 20:40:29 GMT

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(Updated April 20, 2017, 8:40 p.m.)

Review request for mesos, Benjamin Bannier, Benjamin Mahler, and Michael Park.


Rename DRF comparison function, tweak commit description.

Repository: mesos

Description (updated)

This commit replaces the sorter's flat list of clients with a tree; the
tree represents the hierarchical relationship between sorter clients.
Each node in the tree contains a vector of pointers to child nodes. The
tree might contain nodes that do not correspond directly to sorter
clients. For example, adding clients "a/b" and "c/d" results in the
following tree:

 -> a
   -> b
 -> c
   -> d

The `sort` member function still only returns one result for each active
client in the sorter. This is implemented by ensuring that each sorter
client is associated with a leaf node in the tree (i.e., internal nodes
are not returned by `sort`). Note that it is possible for a leaf node to
be transformed into an internal node by a subsequent insertion; to
handle this case, we "implicitly" create an extra child node, which
maintains the invariant that each client is associated with a leaf
node. For example, if the client "a/b/x" is added to the tree above, the
result is:

 -> a
   -> b
     -> .
     -> x
 -> c
   -> d

The "." leaf node holds the allocation that has been made to the "a/b"
client itself; the "a/b" node holds the sum of all the allocations that
have been made to the subtree rooted at "a/b", which also includes
"a/b/x". The "." node is called a "virtual leaf node".

This commit also introduces a new approach to sorting: rather than
keeping a `std::set` of sorter clients, we now keep a tree of
`std::vector`, which is sorted explicitly via `std::sort` when
necessary. The previous implementation tried to optimize the sorting
process by updating the sort order incrementally when a single sorter
client was updated; this commit removes that optimization, and instead
re-sorts the entire tree whenever a change is made that might alter the
sort order. Re-introducing a version of this optimization would make
sense in the future (MESOS-7390), but benchmarking suggests that this
commit results in a net improvement in sorter performance for
non-hierarchical clients, anyway. The performance improvement is likely
due to the introduction of a secondary hashmap that allows the leaf node
associated with a client name to be found efficiently; the previous
implementation required a linear scan of a `std::set`.

Diffs (updated)

  src/master/allocator/sorter/drf/metrics.cpp 15aab32db5ca1a7a14080e9bbb7c65283be3ec20 
  src/master/allocator/sorter/drf/sorter.hpp 76329220e1115c1de7810fb69b943c78c078be59 
  src/master/allocator/sorter/drf/sorter.cpp ed54680cecb637931fc344fbcf8fd3b14cc24295 
  src/master/allocator/sorter/sorter.hpp b3029fcf7342406955760da53f1ae736769f308c 
  src/tests/hierarchical_allocator_tests.cpp 33e7b455f8664858eb4f03727b076a10c80cd6e0 
  src/tests/master_allocator_tests.cpp 119e318f8a01d50e8dae5c30cf5fa6a017c3c625 
  src/tests/sorter_tests.cpp 43bd85798aef0c89751b725ebf35308a5e9e997a 





Neil Conway

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