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From Alex Clemmer <>
Subject Review Request 54910: Fixed more tests to pass when `HAS_AUTHENTICATION` is undefined.
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2016 18:02:51 GMT

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Review request for mesos, Andrew Schwartzmeyer, Daniel Pravat, Greg Mann, and Joseph Wu.

Bugs: MESOS-6803

Repository: mesos


This is a follow-on to 54803.

Currently, when `HAS_AUTHENTICATION` is undefined, the Agent will
use `delay` to schedule a random time in the future to register with the
Master, to avoid the thundering herd problem after a Master failover.
The authentication codepath, in contrast, schedules the registration

In tests where we have `Clock::pause`'d when we are supposed to be
registering the slave, the authention codepath will succeeed, while
no-authentication codepath will hang forever.

A much more detailed analysis of this situation exists in MESOS-6803.

This commit will resolve this issue for a few existing test files by
changing the tests to not use `Clock::pause` when we are waiting for
Agent registration.


  src/tests/fault_tolerance_tests.cpp 05937a917a2c175aa53b52488febb7cfd8400a13 
  src/tests/master_allocator_tests.cpp 0ff4221d510347f83daea8fc9cbf32eb83d19d80 
  src/tests/master_tests.cpp b3b5630899082a69119d2cccb6460766d1352963 
  src/tests/oversubscription_tests.cpp 027f5492150bfb5a39e7b97bcc41102f769e8922 
  src/tests/persistent_volume_endpoints_tests.cpp 241970f3027b2a2017919325303eb58717bc93b0

  src/tests/persistent_volume_tests.cpp b7c313781f3dd9ab4fd68ce23ccc044d50b734d8 
  src/tests/reconciliation_tests.cpp aeeb1097cb9325f9a8a0fb65b899aa2d71207cff 
  src/tests/reservation_endpoints_tests.cpp 7d271085d822e85d27cea5361bfee0d0d91a5691 
  src/tests/reservation_tests.cpp ffbb50bdf16fdeb0ad0aa98afbe71c38c784cd71 



`make check` and `mesos-tests --gtest_repeat=1000 --gtest_break_on_failure` to catch intermittent
failures, which is how we caught the failing test in `reservation_tests.cpp`. Note that this
bug was discovered when we added a `delay` to the call to `authenticate` in `slave::detected`
(in order to get it to match the behavior of the non-authenticated call to `doReliableRegistration`.


Alex Clemmer

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