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From Neil Conway <>
Subject Re: Review Request 53897: Changed how master represents "recovered" frameworks.
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2016 02:06:43 GMT

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(Updated Dec. 4, 2016, 2:06 a.m.)

Review request for mesos and Vinod Kone.


Address some review comments.

Bugs: MESOS-6419

Repository: mesos


After master failover, the new master doesn't know which frameworks were
registered with the previous master (because this information is not
currently stored in the registry). In the period after the master fails
over but before the framework scheduler has re-registered, the master
learns about the frameworks in the cluster when agents re-register (an
agent reports the FrameworkInfo for all of the frameworks it is running
when it re-registers).

Such frameworks were previously represented separately from the normal
list of frameworks in the master: the master kept a collection of
`FrameworkInfo` for these "recovered" frameworks.

This commit removes this separate collection of "recovered" frameworks.
Instead, the master now treats recovered frameworks very similarly to
frameworks that are registered but currently disconnected. For example,
recovered frameworks will now have a `Framework` object which tracks the
tasks/executors running under that framework; recovered frameworks will
be reported via the normal "frameworks" key when querying HTTP
endpoints. Similarly, "teardown" operations on recovered frameworks will
now work correctly (MESOS-6419).

This means there is no longer a concept of "orphan tasks" [1]: if the
master knows about a task, the task will be running under a framework
(albeit the framework might be recovered or disconnected). A new
"recovered" key has been added to various HTTP endpoints/APIs to
determine if a framework hasn't yet re-registered after master failover.

[1] The exception here is if the cluster contains Mesos agents older
than 1.0, because old Mesos agents don't report `FrameworkInfo`s when
they re-register.

Diffs (updated)

  include/mesos/master/master.proto 966105cf14bf92ad15a38653cd5c7f3322821289 
  include/mesos/v1/master/master.proto 0e5a8674a76a46c6f2cc17e11cd735f756d94fd1 
  src/master/http.cpp ac560d1fdd219d0de0c5d987a32a7112e149602f 
  src/master/master.hpp b444b2352360fb4f7179acd97dffc0cd81cc7afa 
  src/master/master.cpp b0670d993348d189fafff0f83f9da0c5b18d1c51 
  src/tests/api_tests.cpp afae6a7e0809174f48f280f170fad9315e80a906 
  src/tests/fault_tolerance_tests.cpp 59f68f65fac9fca4a6941793b712bfe7bb30c880 
  src/tests/master_allocator_tests.cpp bb94e38d5bb472801366c172cfc036f2eecdcbcb 
  src/tests/master_authorization_tests.cpp 06c6e47250003cd467bf37e1daa8bd636ef8fef5 
  src/tests/master_tests.cpp dfedbbdf78e8054813872e9eeebccc7504097751 
  src/tests/partition_tests.cpp 5a0d4bd2de6a5aa0e9fdf0d34cd10d16fd4e34a1 
  src/tests/teardown_tests.cpp 125e1808e51da53fdf1bb1babc956ff062cbb102 



`make check`


Neil Conway

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