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From "Jens Potthast" <>
Subject Failing to compile almost all of the solutions projects in Visual Studio
Date Fri, 29 May 2020 09:51:57 GMT
Hi all,

After cloning the repository (, I
fail to compile the solution within Visual Studio. Out of 64 projects, only
three can be compiled successfully. On the command line using the build
command as described here:, however, all
projects can be compiled. 

The errors are mostly error CS0122 ('xyz' is inaccessible due to its
protection level) and error CS0507 (cannot change access modifiers when
overriding 'protected internal' inherited member). 

Since I get hundreds of these errors, I might have missed something
fundamental. Can someone please advise me what additional settings I need to
make or which additional components need to be installed?

Searching the mailing lists (user/dev), I didn't find any clues or starting


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