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From Connie Yau <>
Subject Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: [VOTE] Procedural Change: Use GitHub Issues instead of JIRA
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2020 14:31:45 GMT
+1 to using GitHub. I would be more inclined to contribute if it fits easier into my workflow.


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From: Shannon Deminick <>
Sent: Friday, April 10, 2020 5:05 AM
To: <>
Cc: <>
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: [VOTE] Procedural Change: Use GitHub Issues instead of JIRA

+100 😃

On Fri., 10 Apr. 2020, 21:52 Shad Storhaug, <> wrote:

> Over the years, there have been several mailing list discussions about how
> the Lucene.NET project "seems dead" and the one issue I find most striking
> is the lack of continuity between contributing on GitHub and the rest of
> the Apache tools in the arsenal, such as the mailing lists and the issue
> tracker of choice, JIRA.
> The problem(s) with using JIRA:
>   1.  JIRA requires a separate login than the user already has if they are
> contributing on GitHub.
>   2.  JIRA requires special permissions for new users to be able to open
> issues. It isn't clear if the defaults are adequate, and if they are not,
> it isn't clear how to change them.
>   3.  JIRA doesn't use Markdown for posting code snippets, which is a
> steep learning curve for people that are used to GitHub Flavored Markdown.
>   4.  Lack of continuity. We pull the potential contributors' attention
> away from GitHub and there is no path back. Referring to an issue in a PR
> or a PR in an issue requires extra effort to do.
>   5.  Manual work to close issues. GitHub allows users to close issues via
> commit message (i.e. fixes #443 or closes #443), but if JIRA has this
> functionality it requires extra setup.
>   6.  Under-reporting of issues. The fact that it doesn't get a lot of
> activity and we hear about issues years after they have been in play pretty
> much speaks to its usefulness as gauged by the community.
> To quote the words from Prescott Nasser:
> "Weird as PMC Chair and what not - but I will say the thing that always
> slows me down is the documentation for what's bring ported now (with
> appropriate links to the java code), what needs work, open tickets, etc.
> We have JIRA, but it's not really updated or used much by many, we have
> the mailing lists where from time to time someone puts in the work to
> document all the stuff that is being worked on (Shad lately has been
> running with the torch), but we don't have a single place that everyone can
> easily get to and see what's going on that is kept up to date."
> Related mailing list issues:
> However, we can switch to using GitHub issues instead of JIRA, which would
> seem to fix all of these problems by moving all issues, PRs, and most
> communication to a central place (the place where most people familiar with
> GitHub expect it to be).
> Michael Condillac and I have been doing some research and it seems it is
> pretty straightforward to:
>   1.  Enable GitHub Issues (INFRA ticket or YAML file)
>   2.  Import JIRA tickets into GitHub Issues, including the current JIRA
> ticket number (Python script)
>   3.  Update the documentation/website to remove references to JIRA
>   4.  Keep the mailing lists updated with GitHub Issues (Apache's setup
> does this automatically)
> Please vote whether to enable GitHub Issues and deprecate the use of JIRA
> (feedback also welcome). Only the PMC votes are counted as official, but we
> would also appreciate the participation of the community.
> +1 - Let's switch to GitHub Issues
> 0 - Either JIRA or GitHub Issues will do
> -1 - Let's stick with JIRA
> Countdown to end of vote (72 Hours from now 2020-04-13 11:55AM):
> This is a procedural vote - majority rules.
> Regards,
> Shad Storhaug (NightOwl888)
> Project Chairperson - Apache Lucene.NET
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