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From Laimonas Simutis <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Apache Lucene.Net 4.8.0-beta00006
Date Sat, 10 Aug 2019 11:59:25 GMT

On Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 7:57 AM Shad Storhaug <> wrote:

> Well, if you didn't get an invitation to Azure DevOps and you are a
> Lucene.NET PMC member it is because someone at Microsoft decided that the
> free public plan with 10 parallel jobs should have no more than 5 users. I
> could set up a public NuGet feed (against Apache's policy), but do I really
> need to for a release vote?  You all can download the packages from the
> Apache repo and then setup a local folder as a NuGet feed:
> Don't get me wrong, I hope we can get everyone on an Azure DevOps plan,
> but this issue is unlikely to be resolved in time for the release vote.
> Thanks,
> Shad Storhaug (NightOwl888)
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> From: Shad Storhaug <>
> Sent: Saturday, August 10, 2019 5:42 AM
> Cc:
> Subject: [Vote] Apache Lucene.Net 4.8.0-beta00006
> It’s hard to believe almost 2 years went by without a fresh release, but
> it’s definitely time for a new one.
> This release includes some critical stability and performance updates:
>   1.  ConcurrentMergeScheduler has been patched so it no longer causes a
> fatal crash upon a merge failure
>   2.  TaskMergeScheduler also had a bug where it was supposed to throw an
> exception on merge failure, but didn’t
>   3.  CanonPath in FileSupport.cs was made thread-safe (Thanks Mathew and
> Aaron!)
>   4.  Another concurrency issue was patched in NativeFSLockFactory (Thanks
> sourceist!)
>   5.  Tests have been setup to run on Linux and macOS, and we discovered
> many culture sensitivity and a few cross-platform bugs that have been
> patched.
> In addition, the Lucene.Net.ICU functionality is now (finally)
> feature-complete, we have added strong naming, the lucene-cli tool has been
> packaged up for release on NuGet so it can be installed using dotnet.exe,
> and all NuGet packages now support .NET Standard 2.0 in addition to .NET
> Standard 1.6 and .NET Framework 4.5.
> Upon this release, we can resolve the following open JIRA issues:
> LUCENENET-603 - ConcurrentMergeScheduler crashes the application if a
> transient error occurs
> LUCENENET-607 - InvalidCastException PendingTerm cannot be cast to
> PendingBlock
> LUCENENET-573 - Make IcuBreakIterator more like the JDK's
> BreakIterator.getInstance()
> LUCENENET-446 - Make Lucene.Net CLS Compliant
> LUCENENET-608 - Add strong-naming to Lucene.Net to comply with Microsoft
> guidelines
> LUCENENET-563 - Port Lucene.Net.Demo
> LUCENENET-566 - Port Lucene.Net.Analysis.ICU
> LUCENENET-588 - Create unified CLI tool to wrap all Lucene maintenance
> tools and demos for .NET
> And these issues may also be addressed by the completion of the ICU
> functionality, but need to confirm:
> LUCENENET-604 - Search text without accent to get text has accent
> LUCENENET-599 - Fine-grained segmentation tools with vectorHighlight will
> cause bug
> The testing time has been significantly reduced by the latest .NET Core
> SDK and by running the tests in parallel. What used to take about 2-3 hours
> from the command line can now be done in about 45 minutes, so hopefully you
> won’t fall asleep this time waiting for the tests to complete 😊. Do note
> that I noticed an issue with the tests not running from build.bat if the
> folder that the source code is unzipped to has spaces or parenthesis in it
> – there is just an escaping issue. Put the source in a folder with no
> spaces or parenthesis and the tests run fine.
> Things are a bit in flux at the moment with the release process, but here
> is what we have put together now:
> Test results of this release build:
> Build artifacts can be downloaded from:
> And of course also from the official Apache dist repo:
> The tag is:
> There is a NuGet package feed here:
> But do note the NuGet feed is not public (as per Apache’s policies) and I
> will need to grant access to the Azure DevOps project to all committers and
> PMC so it can be accessed. I will send invites, but if you have a preferred
> email that you want to use to login to Azure DevOps with, please email me
> the address shad -AT-
> This vote will close no sooner than 72 hours from now, i.e. sometime after
> 22:30 UTC 12-August-2019. All Lucene.NET committers, PMC members, and dev
> mailing list members are encouraged to participate in the voting process.
> We only count the PMC as official votes, but the feedback of the community
> is also valuable.
> +1 – Yes, release it already
> 0 – Neutral, no opinion
> -1 – Hold everything, we need to address…
> Thanks,
> Shad Storhaug (NightOwl888)

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