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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [lucenenet] NightOwl888 commented on issue #229: Updates docs build
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2019 14:16:39 GMT
NightOwl888 commented on issue #229: Updates docs build
   > Can you elaborate a bit more on this:
   >>    It would probably be easier to understand if we updated the names on the home
page to reflect the package names
   What I meant was the docs (on the home page [here](
don't reflect the actual names of the NuGet packages/assemblies. We should probably sync them
up to make it less confusing. Here is how they should be mapped:
   * `core` > `Lucene.Net`
   * `analyzers-common` > `Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common` (note that the Thai analyzer functionality
was moved to Lucene.Net.ICU)
   * `analyzers-icu` > `Lucene.Net.ICU` (Should probably order this package alphabetically
instead of sticking it here)
   * `analyers-kuromoji` > `Lucene.Net.Analysis.Kuromoji`
   * `analyzers-morfologik` > Does not exist, probably never will because it is obscure
and has a huge dependency
   * `analyzers-phonetic` > `Lucene.Net.Analysis.Phonetic`
   * `analyzers-smartcn` > `Lucene.Net.Analysis.SmartCn`
   * `analyzers-stempel` > `Lucene.Net.Analysis.Stempel`
   * `analyzers-uima` > `Lucene.Net.Analysis.UIMA` (Ported, but also depends on a huge
library. The idea was to use IKVM to convert the dependency, which would only give .NET Framework
support. Low priority, might not happen.)
   * `benchmark` > `Lucene.Net.Benchmark`
   * `classification` > `Lucene.Net.Classification`
   * `codecs` > `Lucene.Net.Codecs`
   * `demo` > Not a NuGet package. Runnable through lucene-cli, where the source code can
also be viewed/exported. End users should also be made aware they can view the source directly
on GitHub. It looks like some of the docs there are relevant (not the part about setting a
classpath), but it might make sense to roll the "Location of the source", "IndexFiles" and
"Searching Files" into the `lucene-cli` docs for the demos. The facet commands for `lucene-cli`
should have "location of the source" as well.
   * `expressions` > `Lucene.Net.Expressions`
   * `facet` > `Lucene.Net.Facet`
   * `grouping` > `Lucene.Net.Grouping`
   * `highlighter` > `Lucene.Net.Highlighter` (Note that the Postings Highlighter and the
`BreakIteratorBoundaryScanner` of Vector Highlighter were moved to `Lucene.Net.ICU`.)
   * `join` > `Lucene.Net.Join`
   * `memory` > `Lucene.Net.Memory`
   * `misc` > `Lucene.Net.Misc`
   * `queries` > `Lucene.Net.Queries`
   * `queryparser` > `Lucene.Net.QueryParser`
   * `replicator` > `Lucene.Net.Replicator`
   * `sandbox` > `Lucene.Net.Sandbox`
   * `spatial` > `Lucene.Net.Spatial`
   * `suggest` > `Lucene.Net.Suggest`
   * `test-framework` > (I started chipping away at this, needs lots of API work, bug fixes,
doc updates, and a review to make sure it is all there. See: [LUCENENET-614](
Eventually, the main packages users install will be `Lucene.Net.TestFramework.NUnit`, `Lucene.Net.TestFramework.xUnit`,
and `Lucene.Net.TestFramework.MSTest`. Will probably focus on this for the next release.)
   We also have `lucene-cli`, which is also a NuGet package, but contains a [dotnet tool](
It actually wraps functionality from
   1. `Lucene.Net`
   2. `Lucene.Net.Analysis.Kuromoji`
   3. `Lucene.Net.Analysis.Stempel`
   4. `Lucene.Net.Benchmark`
   5. `Lucene.Net.Demo`
   and makes it runnable from the command line. In Java, the commands can be run directly
on the packages that contain them, `lucene-cli` was created as a way to fill the gap in functionality
between Java and .NET.
   Note that the functionality that was wrapped into `Lucene.Net.ICU` exists in its original
namespace, but in a different assembly than the original. Only the stuff that depends directly
on ICU4N was moved (well, some of the classes from Postings Highlighter didn't depend on it,
but they couldn't be used without the rest of the classes that had been transplanted to `Lucene.Net.ICU`,
so all of them were).
   The name `Lucene.Net.ICU` was chosen to be less specific than `Lucene.Net.Analysis.ICU`
because it contains not just analysis functionality, but also functionality from highlighter.
   As for your other questions, let me review and try massaging my memory muscles...

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