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From Seán McDonnell <>
Subject Issue with exact match on TermQuery ?
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2019 11:15:38 GMT
Hi all,

I have been working on my first project with and I have a
problem I have spent a couple of days working on (actually a week now) on
this issue.

I have an e-commerce system and I have an implementation that uses a
straightforward custom analyser:

public class CaseInsensitiveWhiteSpaceAnalyser : Analyzer{
	protected override TokenStreamComponents CreateComponents(string
fieldName, TextReader reader)
		var tokenizer = new WhitespaceTokenizer(LuceneVersion.LUCENE_48, reader);
		var lowercaseFilter = new LowerCaseFilter(LuceneVersion.LUCENE_48, tokenizer);
		return new TokenStreamComponents(tokenizer, lowercaseFilter);

The index is constructed and items are added to the index like:

protected internal override void BuildIndex(){
	Analyzer analyzer = new CaseInsensitiveWhiteSpaceAnalyser();
	var writer = new IndexWriter(FSDirectory.Open(IndexPath), new
IndexWriterConfig(LuceneVersion.LUCENE_48, analyzer)
		OpenMode = OpenMode.CREATE_OR_APPEND

	var products = IndexItems;

	var totalOrderCount = Convert.ToSingle(IndexItems.Sum(x => x.OrderCount));

	foreach (var product in products)
		AddDocToIndex(writer, product, totalOrderCount);

	writer.Flush(true, true);

protected internal override void AddDocToIndex(IndexWriter writer,
ProductSearchDto product, float totalOrderCount){
	var productOrderCountWeighting = Convert.ToSingle(product.OrderCount)
/ totalOrderCount * 100.0f;
	var productIdField = new Field("ProductId", product.ProductId, new FieldType
		IsStored = true,
		IsIndexed = true,
		IsTokenized = false
		Boost = 10.0f * productOrderCountWeighting

	var productNameField = new Field("ProductName", product.ProductName,
new FieldType
		IsStored = true,
		IsIndexed = true,
		IsTokenized = true
	productNameField.Boost = 8.0f * productOrderCountWeighting;

	var productDescriptionField = new Field("Description",
!string.IsNullOrEmpty(product.Description) ?
product.Description.ToLower() : "", new FieldType
		IsStored = true,
		IsIndexed = false,
		IsTokenized = false

	var productLargeImageUrlField = new Field("LargeImageUrl",
product.LargeImageUrl, new FieldType
		IsStored = true,
		IsIndexed = false,
		IsTokenized = false

	var keywordFields = new List<Field>();
	foreach (var keyword in product.ProductKeywords)
		var keywordField = new Field("Keywords", keyword.Keyword, new FieldType
			IsStored = true,
			IsIndexed = true,
			IsTokenized = false

	var doc = new Document();

	foreach (var keywordField in keywordFields)
	if (writer.Config.OpenMode == OpenMode.CREATE)
		writer.UpdateDocument(new Term("ProductId", product.ProductId), doc);}

It applies 4 types of Lucene queries to a single search (Term, Wildcard,
Fuzzy and Keyword).

I am having a problem with only the TermQuery implementation:

internal class TermQueryHandler : QueryHandler{
    private readonly IndexSearcher manager;

    public TermQueryHandler(IndexSearcher manager) : base(manager)
        this.manager = manager;
    public override TopDocs HandleQuery(string searchTerm, string
categoryId, int? recordCount)
	var searchTerms = searchTerm.Split(new string[] { " " },
	var query = new BooleanQuery();

	foreach (var search in searchTerms)
		query.Add(new TermQuery(new Term("ProductName", search)), Occur.MUST);
		query.Boost = 10.0f;
        var results = manager.Search(query, recordCount ?? 10);

        return results;

If I search for an exact product name/term such as "*sms - request
international*" I am getting no matches in the TermQuery search.

This is the method that is the entry point in to the whole Lucene
implementation I have:

//Removed some of the noise at the start and end of this method to try
and make it easier to read.public override
IList<ProductSearchResponseDto> Search(string search, string
categoryId, int? recordCount){
	if (!DirectoryReader.IndexExists(FSDirectory.Open(IndexPath)))

	var docs = new List<ScoreDoc>();
	search = QueryParser.Escape(search);

	if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(categoryId) || categoryId.Equals("all",
		categoryId = null;

	var searchManager = new SearcherManager(FSDirectory.Open(IndexPath), null);
	var searcher = searchManager.Acquire();

	var termHandler = new TermQueryHandler(searcher);
	var fuzzyHandler = new FuzzyQueryHandler(searcher);
	var wildcardHandler = new WildcardQueryHandler(searcher);
	var keywordHandler = new KeywordQueryHandler(searcher);

	var termResults = termHandler.HandleQuery(search, categoryId, recordCount);

	var wildcardResults = wildcardHandler.HandleQuery(search, categoryId,

	var keywordResults = keywordHandler.HandleQuery(search, categoryId,

	if (docs.Count() == 0)
		var fuzzyResults = fuzzyHandler.HandleQuery(search, categoryId, recordCount);

*N.B.* string search is always in lower-case from the user input.

Can anyone spot if this is a bug in my implementation or is there an issue
here in

Many thanks if you made it this far.

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