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From Simon Svensson <>
Subject Re: Anybody home?
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2019 08:42:45 GMT

I think that the new website looks awesome.

I'm unsure about cc'ing the board; mostly because I am a lurker without
that much experience of the Apache way. I was also a bit surprised to
see that original message in dev@, but it could just been a wide net to
try and contact anyone. (It was also sent to private@.)

I totally agree with you, Shannon, about the "problems with this project
is not knowing where to start, what needs to be done, etc..."

Regarding the unit tests; several of them fail for me. It took me a
while to figure out that I need to run the tests in release mode (not
debug mode), but there are still some failing tests. There's also a
setting in Resharper (under Tools > Unit Testing > General) that allows
me to skip tests in the LongRunningTest category.

Some fails because of a hardcoded `fail("LUCENENET TODO: Uncaught
exceptions on background thread causing test runner crash");` which is
wrapped in a `#IF NETCOREAPP2_0`, but I do not know how to run the tests
as something else. Is there another build configuration than the one
available per default in Visual Studio? Or are these tests that needs to
be fixed? There are some other failures for me too, and I'll see if I
can start looking into them.

Is there a CI server somewhere that runs the tests in different
configurations and can give us reports on how it's going?

// Simon Svensson

On 2019-01-17 00:36, Shannon Deminick wrote:
> Hi all,
> Last year I had worked on getting the docs website generated for 4.8 along
> with a new shiny website for the Lucene.Net project. Both are mostly done
> but Shad seems to have disappeared and I'm unsure how to get access to push
> some of these things.
> I think one of the biggest problems with this project is not knowing where
> to start, what needs to be done, etc... there's a barrier to entry unless
> you've been heavily involved with this project already. A lot of this
> information is buried in these email lists or on some hidden page of a wiki
> somewhere.
> Here was the new website format:
> and the new docs format:
> They are not 100% done but not far too go. I do want to keep working on
> these and get them live (time isn't on my side recently though). The PR for
> this work is here and
> the remaining work is really getting the download page to use the CGI page
> with checksums (would need the source for that current page
> , to update the Contribution
> page to clearly state what remaining work there is on 4.8 and a link to the
> old (current) website.
> I'd be happy to send the reports needed to apache but don't entirely know
> what needs to be done there. Also the Rich Bowen above mentions that we
> should be cc'ing  on this discussion?
> On Thu, Jan 17, 2019 at 9:58 AM Laimonas Simutis <> wrote:
>> oops, sent too early, to finish my side note:
>> If you want to attempt to contribute, you could try
>> - pull source from
>> - run tests, (they should be all passing)
>> - check out,
>> perhaps some would be of interest to you
>> I have the ability to merge the pull requests but would hesitate to get
>> involved unless there is another committer available to bounce ideas and
>> run things. Or if Shad is still on, maybe Shad can provide guidance.
>> Laimonas
>> On Wed, Jan 16, 2019 at 4:47 PM Laimonas Simutis <> wrote:
>>> Hi Simon,
>>> Lurker here, just like you! The last I recall the state of the project
>> was:
>>> - Shad was doing beta builds and gearing up for the official release of
>> 4.8
>>> - There seemed to be bugs reported on the 4.8 and he was just working on
>>> those and doing the follow-up beta builds
>>> I contributed regularly over two years ago to get the bugs out of the
>>> core and then other things came up. Sometime later Shad took over and
>> made
>>> great progress but has dropped off since summer.
>>> I could find time to contribute I think, but not convinced it is worth
>> the
>>> time investment. Will it truly matter if this project goes away? Seems
>> like
>>> a few of us here have warm feelings towards for several
>>> reasons but outside of that ... not so sure.
>>> The community seems to be happily pulling in 3.0.3 builds and moving on.
>>> To me, that means that wherever is used, it's some older
>>> projects? If you are doing something new in .net you are most likely
>> going
>>> with .net core and you couldn't use 3.0.3 there.
>>> Would be cool to see this survive and go on, but is it worth it? That's
>>> the question that sort of leads me to not doing anything :)
>>> Side note:
>>> For those that want to attempt to contribute, pulling from
>>> Laimonas
>>> On Wed, Jan 16, 2019 at 12:21 PM Simon Svensson <>
>> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I've been lurking for a long time, but hadn't realized that the
>>>> situation was this far gone. So much for situational awareness...
>>>> I'll be clear and state that I'm more of a Lucene.Net user, rather than
>>>> a core developer, and I'm not that knowledgeable of the inner workings
>>>> of Lucene.Net.
>>>> What is the current state of the 4.8 port? I understand that the coding
>>>> has stopped for various reason, but is there any wiki or documentation
>>>> available for the current state of affairs? Even if I were to dedicate
>>>> some hours of the week to Lucene.Net, I wouldn't know where to start. Is
>>>> it enough to run the test fixtures and check for failures?
>>>> A year ago there was some discussions about barriers to entry. I think
>>>> that a "mentor" role where someone points at things to work on would
>>>> help in getting people started.
>>>> I also feel that I am not the right guy to submit a report to anyone.
>>>> Also, I bet there's more lurkers than me here. Come out of the shadows,
>>>> now's the time to assemble! ;)
>>>> // Simon Svensson
>>>> On 2019-01-16 18:15, Rich Bowen wrote:
>>>>> Once again, we're attempting to discover if anybody is at home on this
>>>> project. You've missed your reports for September, October, November,
>>>> December, and now January as well. If we don't hear from you, we will be
>>>> forced to move you to the attic.
>>>>> Please respond, immediately, copying on your
>>>> response, to tell us what's going on with you folks. Thanks.
>>>>> --Rich Bowen, for the Board of Directors

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