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From Arsen Shnurkov <>
Subject Re: State / Future of the Lucene.Net Project
Date Mon, 28 May 2018 21:25:44 GMT

I am a maintainer of some packages for "portage" package manager (EAPI
is the name of specification for them, also good for "paludis" package

The latest update of NLucene package was in 2011. And there are reasons
for this, the most significant one is weak documentation of NLucene.

In particular, I need:
1) the page which explains why each dependency is required and it is
possible to build the system without that dependency (because packaging
dependencies is also additional work).
2) the page which explains the layout of repository. Which projects
serves for which purpose, how they depend on each other
3) how to build this package WITHOUT nuget (there are reasons for this,
they are in gentoo philosophy - the rule of "no external binaries",
which .nupkgs are)
4) the scheme of unit testing of this package (xUnit or nUnit ? does it
require InternalsVisibleTo?)
5) images/logos for nuget package (this is not necessary, but nice to have)
6) how to compile and install documentation on mono/linux (because
package/ebuild for sandcastle is not ready yet)

So, documentation is the first artifact which should be significantly
improved to attract more developers to the project.

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