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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: State / Future of the Lucene.Net Project
Date Tue, 29 May 2018 13:22:02 GMT
On 2018-05-28, Arsen Shnurkov wrote:

> In particular, I need:
> 1) the page which explains why each dependency is required and it is
> possible to build the system without that dependency (because packaging
> dependencies is also additional work).
> 2) the page which explains the layout of repository. Which projects
> serves for which purpose, how they depend on each other
> 3) how to build this package WITHOUT nuget (there are reasons for this,
> they are in gentoo philosophy - the rule of "no external binaries",
> which .nupkgs are)
> 4) the scheme of unit testing of this package (xUnit or nUnit ? does it
> require InternalsVisibleTo?)
> 5) images/logos for nuget package (this is not necessary, but nice to have)
> 6) how to compile and install documentation on mono/linux (because
> package/ebuild for sandcastle is not ready yet)

> So, documentation is the first artifact which should be significantly
> improved to attract more developers to the project.

This is quite possible. Do you feel you can start drafting something
even if it is not complete? Right now I think we lack hands more than

I must admit that I am unable to answer quite a few of the topics you
raise, I am on Linux myself and haven't been able to build Lucene.Net,
so I guess some of the points you raise are not a priority for the
people who have worked on the code base lately.


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