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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: ASF Board Report for Lucene.Net - Repeated Reminder for May 2018
Date Tue, 15 May 2018 00:00:44 GMT
If there are any PMC members who can writeup something for the board
report - due now - it's better than nothing.

The alternative soon, unless the PMC can show some plans for oversight,
will be to have a discussion about going to the Attic.  As Phil notes
below, please reach out to board@ (a private list) if PMC members or
committers need other organizational help.


- Shane
  Director & Member
  The Apache Software Foundation

On 2018/04/23 19:14:30, Phil Steitz <> wrote: > Dear
Lucene-Net community,
> In the governance model at the ASF the board delegates responsibility for
> managing projects to PMCs. To enable the board to provide oversight across the
> foundation, PMCs are tasked with providing the board with a quarterly
> report on the health of the project. The board has noticed that the reports
> for Lucene-Net have been missed for a number of months.
> The reports to the board are normally written by the PMC chair but all PMC
> members have an individual responsibility to ensure that a report is
> submitted. If the PMC chair is not available then any PMC member can submit
> the report. If you need help with this process, please reach out to
> Please ensure that a report for Lucene-Net is submitted to the board for the
> next meeting.
> If the PMC chair is not going to be available for an extended period of time
> it may make sense to rotate the PMC chair. Rotating the PMC chair does not
> mean the current chair has failed. People's situations and interests change,
> and rotation is good as it allows more people to become familiar with that
> role. Again, if assistance is required with this process, please feel free to
> reach out to
> As projects mature, they will naturally reach a point where activity reduces
> to a level that the project is no longer sustainable. At Apache, projects
> reach this stage when there are no longer 3 active PMC members providing
> oversight. Projects that reach this stage are placed in the attic[1].  If
> Lucene-Net has reached this point, please reach out to the Attic project to
> arrange transfer. On the other hand, if your project is mostly dormant but
> still has at least three active PMC members it can stay in that state for as
> long as needed. If your project is in such a state, please mention that in
> your report and verify the PMC's state at regular intervals.
> Finally, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to
> Thanks,
> The ASF Board
> [1] (

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