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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Barrier to Entry?
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2018 15:24:42 GMT
Thank you Vincent

On 2018-01-11, Van Den Berghe, Vincent wrote:

> - I have zero experience in GIT, open source projects and how to
> contribute.

A question not directly targeted at you, but as you mentioned it first:
Would some kind of "mentor" help here? Somebody newcomers could ask
directly rather than go through the public list?

> - the test suite of (and I suppose for the Java version as
> well) is not made to find problems. It's only designed to generate
> problems.

Ouch. I guess you are right, this is only judging from the time to
complete all tests.

> Over time, there were 2 things more things I viewed as obstacles:
> - .NET Core/.NET Standard became "a thing".
> - the project moved to VS2017.

In my experience this is a two-edged sword. If you push to new
technologies too fast you may lose some people (like you, Vincent), if
you go to slow you lose some others.

I am the release manager of log4net and still have to support a bunch of
old framework builds as people still want to use them. This is hard and
new contributors are no longer willing to deal with .NET 2.0 (not core)

> served (and continues to serve) me well and I realize all
> too well that what I gave back to the project is woefully
> insufficient. At this point in time, I can do nothing else but
> apologize.

There is no reason to apologize, really.

It's not been my interest to blame people for not contributing more. I
asked those questions out of genuine interest. I want to explore whether
we as a community can do things that help new people get involved. Or
whether we are actively doing things that keep them away.



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