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From Prescott Nasser <>
Subject RE: Lucene.Net 4.8.0-beta00001 release blocked by the NuGet package with ID "Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common"
Date Tue, 02 May 2017 20:15:39 GMT
Thanks Ferron!

-----Original Message-----
From: ferron home [] 
Sent: Tuesday, May 2, 2017 1:14 PM
To: Shad Storhaug <>
Subject: Re: Lucene.Net 4.8.0-beta00001 release blocked by the NuGet package with ID "Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common"

I created this a while back because you guys were taking forever to release 4.8 and I needed
some core functionality Lucene provided for a client. I have added you as owner.

On 5/2/17 3:08 AM, Shad Storhaug wrote:
> Ferron H,
> Hello, my name is Shad Storhaug and I have been working full-time (as 
> a volunteer committer) on the Apache Lucene.Net project for the past 9 
> months. I am pleased to say that we are now ready to release our first 
> beta on NuGet pending a formal vote process which is expected to take
> 3 days. However, you can imagine my surprise and disappointment to 
> find that one of our new NuGet package IDs
> (Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common) has already been taken.
> While you probably uploaded the Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common NuGet 
> package with the best of intentions, it is unfortunately now a blocker 
> for our release 
> (
> The new release is more than 2000 commits ahead of the 4.9.0 package. 
> There have been hundreds of bugs fixed, more than 100 tests that were 
> failing (after completing the test framework) are now passing, there 
> is now support for .NET Core, and the API is now much more .NET-like 
> than it was previously. That said, the API is completely incompatible 
> with the Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common package that you have uploaded.
> We appreciate the fact that you and other users might be utilizing the 
> Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common 4.9.0 package in your projects, so I 
> propose we do the following to help resolve this issue:
> 1.Invite me (NightOwl888) to be a package owner of the NuGet package 
> Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common so I can invite other Apache PMC members as 
> owners. This will allow us to release Lucene.Net.4.8.0-beta00001 and 
> continue releasing new official versions after Lucene.Net.4.8.0-beta00001.
> 2.Hide the version 4.9.0 Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common package so it 
> doesn’t cause dependency conflicts when people install other official 
> Lucene.Net packages that depend on it. This ensures any project build 
> that depends on Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common 4.9.0 will still be able to 
> install it, but it will no longer be visible from the NuGet Package 
> Manager Console.
> Also, we noticed that you have uploaded the NuGet package 
> Lucene.Net.Core. While we don’t plan on using that package ID, we 
> would appreciate if you would edit the details in’s control 
> panel to reflect that this is not an official package from The Apache 
> Software Foundation, as it is causing much confusion among our user base.
> We would appreciate if you would join our efforts to make Lucene.Net
> 4.8.0 stable (and complete) and help pave the way for the next upgrade 
> of Lucene.Net from the Java Lucene project 
> (
> Thanks,
> Shad Storhaug (NightOwl888)

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