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From Shad Storhaug <>
Subject RE: [Vote] Apache Lucene.Net 4.8.0-beta00001
Date Sat, 06 May 2017 23:08:57 GMT

It looks like there is a directory resolution problem. It is looking for projects in C:\dev\lucenenet\build,
but it should be looking in C:\dev\lucenenet. I had a similar issue testing on an older version
of Powershell. The script requires Powershell 3.x or higher, so you might want to check the
version you are running and upgrade if necessary. Looks like we need to add an error in the
script if the Powershell version isn't high enough.

Do note that a full run of the tests on both .NET Framework 4.5.1 and .NET Core 1.0 takes
upwards of 2 hours to complete, which is the reason why it is not part of a regular "build".
Additionally, the results are output as XML files and are not very useful unless you have
a tool to consume them or XSLT so they can be viewed in a browser. I suppose you could pipe
the output to a file so you can review it later, but it is pretty verbose.

As an alternative to viewing the test results on the CLI, you can view them in TeamCity:
(by logging in as a guest). #4.8.0-ci0000001074 was the CI build that corresponds to commit
db82646ee1c88c1b0b8ca6a18ea1411da7019be9. Or you can use Visual Studio 2015+ and the NUnit3
Test Adapater plugin to run the tests.

Shad Storhaug (NightOwl888)

-----Original Message-----
From: Simon Svensson [] 
Sent: Sunday, May 7, 2017 4:57 AM
Subject: Re: [Vote] Apache Lucene.Net 4.8.0-beta00001

On 2017-05-06 02:15, Shad Storhaug wrote:
> So, after 4 1/2 years of silence, we are ready to shake up the world with a new version
of Lucene.Net. 
> The source and binary packages are available for inspection at:
> There is a MyGet feed that can be accessed at:
> V2: (VS2012+)
> V3: 
> (VS2015+)
> The tag is: 
> 00001
> Please review the beta and vote.
> This vote will close no sooner than 72 hours from now, i.e. sometime 
> after 00:00 UTC 9-May 2017
> +1 - lets rock
> 0 - indifferent
> -1 - Not ready, because...
> Thanks,
> Shad Storhaug (NightOwl888)


I'm building and running the tests on my machine, and I am getting errors after running for
45 minutes with "Couldn't find a project to run test from. Ensure a project exists in [root]\build".
Several test projects has completed before this happens.

I am on git commit db82646ee1c88c1b0b8ca6a18ea1411da7019be9 and running ".\build.bat -t".
Running without -t builds everything successfully.
(Technically it doesn't fail, but I havn't verified the output.)

I'm on Windows 10 Creators Update and .NET Framework 4.7.02046.

There is a high probability that I'm missing a required framework/sdk. I am not sure I have
everything needed to run the tests; but if so it isn't obvious to me what I am missing.

Anything obvious I've missed?

// Simon

--- Console output below:

Framework: netcoreapp1.0
Directory: C:\dev\lucenenet\src\Lucene.Net.Tests

    Directory: C:\dev\lucenenet\release\TestResults\netcoreapp1.0

Mode                LastWriteTime         Length Name
----                -------------         ------ ----
d-----       2017-05-06     22:45                Lucene.Net.Tests
dotnet.exe test 'C:\dev\lucenenet\src\Lucene.Net.Tests\project.json'
--configuration Release --framework netcoreapp1.0 --no-build --result:C:\dev\lucenenet\release\TestResults\netcoreapp1.0\Lucene.Net.Tests\TestResult.xml

Welcome to .NET Core!
Learn more about .NET Core @ Use dotnet --help to see available
commands or go to

The .NET Core tools collect usage data in order to improve your experience. The data is anonymous
and does not include command-line arguments. The data is collected by Microsoft and shared
with the community.
You can opt out of telemetry by setting a DOTNET_CLI_TELEMETRY_OPTOUT environment variable
to 1 using your favorite shell.
You can read more about .NET Core tools telemetry @

A command is running to initially populate your local package cache, to improve restore speed
and enable offline access. This command will take up to a minute to complete and will only
happen once.
Decompressing 100% 6381 ms
Expanding 100% 13305 ms
Couldn't find a project to run test from. Ensure a project exists in C:\dev\lucenenet\build.
Or pass the path to the project
Directory: C:\dev\lucenenet\src\Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common
d-----       2017-05-06     22:46
dotnet.exe test
--configuration Release --framework netcoreapp1.0 --no-build --result:C:\dev\lucenenet\release\TestResults\netcoreapp1.0\Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common\TestResult.xml
Couldn't find a project to run test from. Ensure a project exists in C:\dev\lucenenet\build.
Or pass the path to the project

--- snip, above message repeated for several other test project paths.
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