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From Wyatt Barnett <>
Subject Re: API Work/Stabilization Update
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2017 13:14:11 GMT
I'm about and happy to update when you are ready.

I think the build should start working for 203 if you add the nunit-console
nuget package. At least work in the sense of the build will start. I'm
still chasing those build time bugbears I haven't been able to slay yet.

As for getting to -- who has the key? I've never had access to it
so I'm not sure we can update what is out there.

On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 09:10 Shad Storhaug <> wrote:

> Wyatt, Prescott, Itamar, anybody? We've almost got all of the tests
> passing on #203 and would like to merge to master and release it with the
> new pre-release label "beta2".
> If there is nobody available to get the build running after merging, could
> someone give me access to TeamCity to work on it?
> Thanks,
> Shad Storhaug (NightOwl888)
> From: Shad Storhaug
> Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 5:25 AM
> To: ''
> Subject: API Work/Stabilization Update
> I am getting very close to getting #203 merged. I wouldn't go so far as to
> say that the API is finished, but the most significant of the breaking API
> changes are now behind us.
> I just wanted to be sure there is someone available to help get the build
> working after the merge. I think it would be appropriate to change the
> pre-release label from "beta" to "beta2" (without resetting the build
> number, since that is actually what NuGet uses). This would be primarily
> because of a major breaking API change, but also to indicate another
> advancement toward release.
> We should probably also get this onto NuGet as soon as possible to
> (hopefully) make it easier to recruit help to stabilize and create some
> integration packages for popular Microsoft frameworks.
> 1.       The QueryParser.Flexible custom localized message functionality
> is currently not implemented for .NET core, so those tests are now failing.
> 2.       The implementation of Lucene.Net.Expressions currently reads data
> from the configuration file. This is not how modern libraries are supposed
> to be built - instead we want any configuration to be pushed in from the
> application that uses Lucene.Net. Reading from the configuration file
> directly means no opportunity to use dependency injection. There is also a
> namespace Support/Configuration that can and should be removed after the
> implementation is refactored to be DI-friendly (see
> I haven't yet
> worked out how the implementation was done in .NET - in Java, the defaults
> were read from an embedded resource file and could be overridden by passing
> in a ClassLoader (similar to .NET's Assembly class) - if anyone has any
> information on how the "auto generated" C# code was generated, please share.
> 3.       The Collation functionality in Analysis.Common doesn't work with
> icu-dotnet, and has been excluded from compilation using the constant
> FEATURE_COLLATION. I am now convinced after reading the docs that it would
> be better to port the similar functionality from Analysis.ICU because it
> was designed to work with icu4j and is therefore more likely to work with
> icu-dotnet.
> 4.       The Highlighter PostingsHighlight and VectorHighlight
> functionality relies on icu-dotnet, which doesn't have a close match for
> the BreakIterator in the JRE, so there are likely some big differences in
> the functionality. Several hacks were put in to make the tests pass, but
> these are not likely to fix all of the issues in the wild.
> 5.       There are several namespaces in Lucene.Net.Core and
> Lucene.Net.Codecs that have broken documentation comments.
> 6.       There are some concurrency and performance issues (as pointed out
> by Vincent Van Den Burghe):
> 7.       We have around 2 dozen tests that fail during randomization
> (averaging about 17 broken per run), and 8 tests that fail all/most of the
> time.
> RESOLVED ISSUES (in addition to API refactoring)
> 1.       Finished implementing the randomization of Codecs, Culture, Time
> Zone, and InfoStream in the TestFramework.
> 2.       Added factories for Codec, DocValuesFormat, and PostingsFormat so
> custom implementations can be provided via dependency injection instead of
> using the Java-ish NamedSPILoader class. The name must now be provided by
> an attribute (or by class naming convention) rather than via constructor,
> so it can be read without creating an instance of the class.
> 3.       Fixed several of the codecs in Lucene.Net.Codecs that were still
> not functioning (and not being tested because of the unfinished RandomCodec
> class and test mocks).
> 4.       Reviewed all catch blocks in Lucene.Net.Core to ensure the right
> type of exceptions are being caught and the right type re-thrown.
> 5.       Fixed culture-sensitive comparison and sort order issues when
> using strings in Lucene.Net.Core and Lucene.Net.Codecs.
> 6.       Merged similar functionality in Support into the same class and
> deleted several unused Support classes.
> 7.       Made the API CLS compliant, so it now works with all .NET
> languages.
> Shad Storhaug (NightOwl888)

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