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From Shad Storhaug <>
Subject RE: API Work/Stabilization Update
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2017 13:10:50 GMT
Wyatt, Prescott, Itamar, anybody? We've almost got all of the tests passing on #203 and would
like to merge to master and release it with the new pre-release label "beta2".

If there is nobody available to get the build running after merging, could someone give me
access to TeamCity to work on it?

Shad Storhaug (NightOwl888)

From: Shad Storhaug
Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 5:25 AM
To: ''
Subject: API Work/Stabilization Update

I am getting very close to getting #203 merged. I wouldn't go so far as to say that the API
is finished, but the most significant of the breaking API changes are now behind us.


I just wanted to be sure there is someone available to help get the build working after the
merge. I think it would be appropriate to change the pre-release label from "beta" to "beta2"
(without resetting the build number, since that is actually what NuGet uses). This would be
primarily because of a major breaking API change, but also to indicate another advancement
toward release.

We should probably also get this onto NuGet as soon as possible to (hopefully) make it easier
to recruit help to stabilize and create some integration packages for popular Microsoft frameworks.


1.       The QueryParser.Flexible custom localized message functionality is currently not
implemented for .NET core, so those tests are now failing.

2.       The implementation of Lucene.Net.Expressions currently reads data from the configuration
file. This is not how modern libraries are supposed to be built - instead we want any configuration
to be pushed in from the application that uses Lucene.Net. Reading from the configuration
file directly means no opportunity to use dependency injection. There is also a namespace
Support/Configuration that can and should be removed after the implementation is refactored
to be DI-friendly (see I haven't
yet worked out how the implementation was done in .NET - in Java, the defaults were read from
an embedded resource file and could be overridden by passing in a ClassLoader (similar to
.NET's Assembly class) - if anyone has any information on how the "auto generated" C# code
was generated, please share.

3.       The Collation functionality in Analysis.Common doesn't work with icu-dotnet, and
has been excluded from compilation using the constant FEATURE_COLLATION. I am now convinced
after reading the docs that it would be better to port the similar functionality from Analysis.ICU
because it was designed to work with icu4j and is therefore more likely to work with icu-dotnet.

4.       The Highlighter PostingsHighlight and VectorHighlight functionality relies on icu-dotnet,
which doesn't have a close match for the BreakIterator in the JRE, so there are likely some
big differences in the functionality. Several hacks were put in to make the tests pass, but
these are not likely to fix all of the issues in the wild.

5.       There are several namespaces in Lucene.Net.Core and Lucene.Net.Codecs that have broken
documentation comments.

6.       There are some concurrency and performance issues (as pointed out by Vincent Van
Den Burghe):

7.       We have around 2 dozen tests that fail during randomization (averaging about 17 broken
per run), and 8 tests that fail all/most of the time.

RESOLVED ISSUES (in addition to API refactoring)

1.       Finished implementing the randomization of Codecs, Culture, Time Zone, and InfoStream
in the TestFramework.

2.       Added factories for Codec, DocValuesFormat, and PostingsFormat so custom implementations
can be provided via dependency injection instead of using the Java-ish NamedSPILoader class.
The name must now be provided by an attribute (or by class naming convention) rather than
via constructor, so it can be read without creating an instance of the class.

3.       Fixed several of the codecs in Lucene.Net.Codecs that were still not functioning
(and not being tested because of the unfinished RandomCodec class and test mocks).

4.       Reviewed all catch blocks in Lucene.Net.Core to ensure the right type of exceptions
are being caught and the right type re-thrown.

5.       Fixed culture-sensitive comparison and sort order issues when using strings in Lucene.Net.Core
and Lucene.Net.Codecs.

6.       Merged similar functionality in Support into the same class and deleted several unused
Support classes.

7.       Made the API CLS compliant, so it now works with all .NET languages.

Shad Storhaug (NightOwl888)

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