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From Bertrand Le Roy <>
Subject RE: Unofficial myget feed for .NET Core builds
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2016 20:41:48 GMT
Thanks. Are the .NET Core compatible bits also available on a feed? The latest on MyGet shows

From: [] On Behalf Of Itamar
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2016 12:06
Cc: Elizabeth Maher (NEWMAN) <>; Bertrand Le Roy <>;
Sebastien Ros <>; Jon Jung (WEB) <>
Subject: Re: Unofficial myget feed for .NET Core builds

Yeah, we already have one. TC pushes every successful build to<>.

If I read you correctly - you are looking for a way to push packages for branches as well.
I'm not sure why? TC only looks at master but I'm sure we can wire it to look at branches
(and then we will need a PR from you to a branch that is not master). Wyatt - WDYT?


Itamar Syn-Hershko<>
| @synhershko<>
Freelance Developer & Consultant
Lucene.NET committer and PMC member

On Thu, Nov 3, 2016 at 2:21 PM, Connie Yau <<>>

I was wondering if Lucene.Net had an unofficial myget feed that we could publish dev builds
to so users can start testing Lucene.NET on .NET Core builds.

In terms of my timeline, there is a PR (<>)
with all the remaining items I have left to do. So far most of the tests pass, so that's great
because I think I'll finish my work items that I had left on there in a couple of days. However,
 NightOwl has highlighted some items I need to look at which I have not had time to cost the
dev time for.


From: Elizabeth Maher (NEWMAN)
Sent: Thursday, November 3, 2016 9:57 AM
To: Bertrand Le Roy <<>>;
Sebastien Ros <<>>;
Connie Yau <<>>
Subject: RE: Lucene.NET Core

Connie is point on this project right now, she'll have to answer you.

From: Bertrand Le Roy
Sent: Thursday, November 3, 2016 9:20 AM
To: Sebastien Ros <<>>;
Connie Yau <<>>; Elizabeth Maher
(NEWMAN) <<>>
Subject: RE: Lucene.NET Core

I'm interested too: I'm writing a post on data access, and being able to point to a package,
even if it's pre-release, would be super-helpful.


From: Sebastien Ros
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2016 17:18
To: Connie Yau <<><<>>>;
Elizabeth Maher (NEWMAN) <<><<>>>
Cc: Bertrand Le Roy <<><<>>>
Subject: Lucene.NET Core


Do you have any idea when a build would be available on any MyGet/Nuget feed?
I don't really want to create a temporary alternate nuget package for it.


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