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From Wyatt Barnett <>
Subject Re: Moving Lucene.NET to .NET Core
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2016 19:42:16 GMT
Hi -- build guy checking in.

Yes, I think 2 solutions would work. No moral issues on my part about using
vs2015 for builds. Is it setup that way in the repo? If so I can try a
few things and see how this would work over the weekend and let you know
how we can make this work.

Thanks for all the work -- this is really exciting especially given
everything that has been happening in .NET over the last few weeks.

On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 3:28 PM Elizabeth Maher (NEWMAN) <> wrote:

> Lucene.NET Community,
> After spending more time with this code base we have a better idea of the
> best way to approach migrating everything .NET core.
> There are two types of work.  The first is to removing/replacing external
> dependencies that do not work on .NET Core.  The second is only use classes
> on available on .NET Core  Here are the major work items we have identified.
> 1.       Remove use of SharpZipLib dependency – completed
> 2.       Update ICU4NET dependency for .NET Core – In Progress
> a.       PR almost ready for main branch
> 3.       Remove Appache.NMS dependency – Starting
> a.       PR will be created for main branch.
> b.       We believe this is the highest risk part of the migration
> process.  Connie has a separate thread going for this.  We, will of course
> make sure passing tests continue to pass.  We were hoping for a little help
> from the community on this one.  Would it be possible for a couple people
> to volunteer to try out this PR (when it is ready) on their own
> applications?
> 4.       Make portable libraries to build .NET Core binaries – In Progress
> a.       This work is being down at
>  It looks like a
> large change, but it’s actually just added files to support the new project
> system and just a few minor changes to make sure code compiles on .NET Core.
> o   We will create a Lucene.Net.Portable.sln for build specifically for
> .NET Core.  We feel having two solutions will be the easiest transition for
> the community and the CI build system.
> o   This work will include porting tests.  We will verify that currently
> passing tests will continue to pass.
> We would also like to make sure this project is set up for success.  It’s
> awesome to see you already have a CI build process going.  We will continue
> to make sure the that build works and make sure the main Lucene.NET project
> builds with VS2013.  However, you will need VS2015 to compile the
> Lucene.NET.Portable solution.  Would it be possible to switch to using
> VS2015 or add another CI build for the portable solution?
> Hopefully that answers your questions.  Please let me know if you have
> further questions.
> Thanks,
> Elizabeth and Connie
> From: [] On
> Behalf Of Itamar Syn-Hershko
> Sent: Friday, March 11, 2016 3:10 AM
> To:
> Cc: Elizabeth Maher (NEWMAN) <>; Daniel
> Plaisted <>; Bertrand Le Roy <>
> Subject: Re: Moving Lucene.NET to .NET Core
> Hi Connie,
> That's great news, thanks!
> Please base your work on the master branch here:
> We will fix the wording on the
> website, thanks for noticing.
> Building via Lucene.NET.sln should work - can you let us know if it
> doesn't?
> With regards to release dates and priorities - we currently don't have any
> ETA since development is currently going on very slowly. The plan was to
> finish fixing the last of the failing tests in Lucene.NET Core, complete
> porting the major subprojects (e.g. Analysis) with tests, and then approach
> compiling on .NET Core. Can you help us progress based on this roadmap, or
> are your resources limited to compiling on .NET Core?
> As for PRs - do you have an estimation of the amount / scope of changes
> required? is the result going to be another project or the same codebase
> compiling on .NET Core?
> Thanks again for joining us in this effort!
> --
> Itamar Syn-Hershko
> | @synhershko<
> >
> Freelance Developer & Consultant
> Lucene.NET committer and PMC member
> On Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 12:45 AM, Connie Yau <
> <>> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Our team is working to make Lucene.NET run on .NET Core and was wondering
> if anyone else was working on this or would it be alright if we started
> this effort?
> Also, I was hoping that someone could answer a few questions I have about
> this project:
> 1.       What branch should we be basing our effort on?
> *         In Community<<
> the documentation says "Most work currently happens on the branch named
> branch_4x<
> <
> but it looks like the latest commits are in `master`
> 2.       How do we build this project?
> *         I read Build System & Scripts<
> but there doesn't appear to be a build.cmd in the repository<
> 3.       What is the expected release date for Lucene.NET v4.8?
> 4.       Regarding pull requests, is the preference for incremental
> changes (ie. Updating a set of APIs from one to another) or to have a large
> pull request (ie. Moving to run on .NET Core with all the associated
> project/code changes)?
> Thanks!
> Connie Yau

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