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From "Elizabeth Maher (NEWMAN)" <>
Subject RE: Moving Lucene.NET to .NET Core
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2016 19:28:33 GMT
Lucene.NET Community,

After spending more time with this code base we have a better idea of the best way to approach
migrating everything .NET core.

There are two types of work.  The first is to removing/replacing external dependencies that
do not work on .NET Core.  The second is only use classes on available on .NET Core  Here
are the major work items we have identified.

1.       Remove use of SharpZipLib dependency – completed

2.       Update ICU4NET dependency for .NET Core – In Progress

a.       PR almost ready for main branch

3.       Remove Appache.NMS dependency – Starting

a.       PR will be created for main branch.

b.       We believe this is the highest risk part of the migration process.  Connie has a
separate thread going for this.  We, will of course make sure passing tests continue to pass.
 We were hoping for a little help from the community on this one.  Would it be possible for
a couple people to volunteer to try out this PR (when it is ready) on their own applications?

4.       Make portable libraries to build .NET Core binaries – In Progress

a.       This work is being down at  It
looks like a large change, but it’s actually just added files to support the new project
system and just a few minor changes to make sure code compiles on .NET Core.

o   We will create a Lucene.Net.Portable.sln for build specifically for .NET Core.  We feel
having two solutions will be the easiest transition for the community and the CI build system.

o   This work will include porting tests.  We will verify that currently passing tests will
continue to pass.

We would also like to make sure this project is set up for success.  It’s awesome to see
you already have a CI build process going.  We will continue to make sure the that build works
and make sure the main Lucene.NET project builds with VS2013.  However, you will need VS2015
to compile the Lucene.NET.Portable solution.  Would it be possible to switch to using VS2015
or add another CI build for the portable solution?

Hopefully that answers your questions.  Please let me know if you have further questions.

Elizabeth and Connie

From: [] On Behalf Of Itamar
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2016 3:10 AM
Cc: Elizabeth Maher (NEWMAN) <>; Daniel Plaisted <>;
Bertrand Le Roy <>
Subject: Re: Moving Lucene.NET to .NET Core

Hi Connie,

That's great news, thanks!

Please base your work on the master branch here: We will
fix the wording on the website, thanks for noticing.

Building via Lucene.NET.sln should work - can you let us know if it doesn't?

With regards to release dates and priorities - we currently don't have any ETA since development
is currently going on very slowly. The plan was to finish fixing the last of the failing tests
in Lucene.NET Core, complete porting the major subprojects (e.g. Analysis) with tests, and
then approach compiling on .NET Core. Can you help us progress based on this roadmap, or are
your resources limited to compiling on .NET Core?

As for PRs - do you have an estimation of the amount / scope of changes required? is the result
going to be another project or the same codebase compiling on .NET Core?

Thanks again for joining us in this effort!


Itamar Syn-Hershko<>
| @synhershko<>
Freelance Developer & Consultant
Lucene.NET committer and PMC member

On Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 12:45 AM, Connie Yau <<>>
Hi all,

Our team is working to make Lucene.NET run on .NET Core and was wondering if anyone else was
working on this or would it be alright if we started this effort?

Also, I was hoping that someone could answer a few questions I have about this project:

1.       What branch should we be basing our effort on?

*         In Community<<>>,
the documentation says "Most work currently happens on the branch named branch_4x<;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/branch_4x<>>."
but it looks like the latest commits are in `master`

2.       How do we build this project?

*         I read Build System & Scripts<<>>
but there doesn't appear to be a build.cmd in the repository<>

3.       What is the expected release date for Lucene.NET v4.8?

4.       Regarding pull requests, is the preference for incremental changes (ie. Updating
a set of APIs from one to another) or to have a large pull request (ie. Moving to run on .NET
Core with all the associated project/code changes)?

Connie Yau

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