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From Laimonas Simutis <>
Subject Re: 4,.8 work
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2016 14:54:55 GMT
Hey Arek,

Good to see you here. Please see the replies inline.

> 1) What is the most missing and unported part of the project - analyzers? I
> saw there isn't any and read that is the most blocking stuff

Yes, the next most important piece is getting Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common
project to compile / pass tests. Very few classes in there that have
compiling code. What I did recently is exclude classes that are not
compiling yet, and then try to get them to compile and tests to pass a
class or so at a time. You can find the unit test project for
Analysis.Common, it has been converted from Java as well. But similar, not
a lot of it compiles so most of the classes are excluded and are waiting
for someone to pick them up and get them to pass. Look at some of the
recently closed PRs on github for an example (e.g.

> 2) QueryParser class - I couldn't find it, however the comment in Java code
> says that it's a generated class

Not familiar with this.

> 3) I tried to run all tests however I usually ended in hanging tests
> runners (I tried Resharper and NUnit tool) mostly the ones which have
> timeouts defined (didn't fail even if they exceeded the specified timeout).

Make sure you either run tests compiled in release mode or change the app
setting in the test project App.config to turn off test verbosity:

<add key="tests.verbose" value="false" />

> Would be great to have some guidelines and list of things that needs to be
> done on the bugtracker.

We haven't started the issue tracker as the number of committers is very
small and issues are very broad (e.g. port Analysis.Common). Recently I was
looking into Analysis.Common CharArraySet / CharArrayMap but haven't made
good progress with it so I don't think you should worry over stepping much.
The best approach might be to announce on the list which area you are
looking into / working on and go for it. If we get a good traction going we
can start working on some issue list.


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