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From Laimonas Simutis <>
Subject Re: 4.x Stories to be picked up
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2015 18:15:21 GMT

To make sure you are looking at the right branch, we are porting against

You can look at the repo on github (, master branch) to see what has already
been ported.

It should be clear from the directory structure which corresponding areas
in Java version have been ported and which are missing. For example, you
can see that "expressions" in Java version has no corresponding
Lucene.Net.Expressions folder, so that would be one of the areas that
hasn't been ported over. You can pick an area that is missing, announce it
on the mailing list that you will be working on it and then go for it:

- Fork
- create a branch for your changes, commit to that branch
- when ready open a pull request with a comment on what has been done /
ported over

Another area that needs help is getting core tests to pass. We are down to
~300 failing tests (if latest PR gets accepted it should be howering around

Steps to follow there:

- fork
- check out locally
- open and build Lucene.Net.sln
- run Lucene.Net.Tests tests. Make sure you run tests with a release build
or add <add key="tests.verbose" value="false" /> to the app settings of the
test project, otherwise test runs take forever because of the huge amount
of console logging that goes on.
- pick a test that fails and try to figure out why it is failing
- once figured out, create a branch for the fix, check in the fix and open
a pull request

One of the things to keep in mind that the failures are not always
reproducible. You can get the same test to pass and then fail on the next
run. That is because of the heavy usage of Random() in the tests and the
different code paths that the execution can take.

You can also see the test run results here:

Login as guest, you don't have to have an account to access them. I usually
go there, download latest build log, and extract the unit test failures and
pick the most frequent failure, see which tests they belong to, run it
locally to make sure I can reproduce them, and then try to figure out how
to fix them.

Itamar and others might have a different approach, I just joined with the
contributions myself, so that was the approach I took.


On Sat Jan 03 2015 at 12:34:08 PM Hakeem Mohammed <>

> Hello,
> I just joined this group and looking to offer some help in updating Lucene
> to 4.8. I briefly skimmed thru but could not find any items related to the
> 4.x work. I'd very much appreciate it if someone can let me know the
> process for picking up items to work on. I spent a couple weeks updating an
> outdated branch of Lucene, so trying to avoid that mistake again :)
> Thanks!

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