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From Rob Vesse <>
Subject Re: Draft Board Report
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2014 15:06:04 GMT
Yes people can be committers without being PMC members.  And as I already
noted the opposite can be true, people can be on the PMC without ever

Beyond the official role being on the PMC is a higher level of privilege
and recognition from the project.  That being said no-one can force you to
be on the PMC if you don't want to.

If you don't wish to be on the PMC you can simply choose to resign by
emailing the dev list - - in
this case there is no requirement for the project to notify the board and
the resignation takes effect as soon as you've sent your email.  The PMC
Chair (Prescott) just needs to do a couple of things to remove you from
the official listing of the PMC which are noted in the above link


On 04/12/2014 14:11, "Simon Svensson" <> wrote:

>I've used my Google-skills and found that there's a lucenenet-private
>list in addition to the public ones I've subscribed to. I'm going
>through the archive now and see the email thread you're referring to.
>According to a PMC is "responsible
>for the proper management and oversight of an Apache project", which is
>not something that I would describe myself as doing. I have (very
>rarely) committed stuff and mostly answered questions on mailing lists
>and Stack Overflow. Thus I see no reason for me to be a PMC.
>I presume that this only affects access to the lucenenet-private list,
>which I've only read for the last few minutes, and I can still sneak
>around in the dev mailing list.
>What's the easiest way to remove me as PMC?
>// Simon - the mailing list lurker
>On 04/12/14 14:34, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>> On 2014-12-04, Simon Svensson wrote:
>>> 4. What am I missing?
>> Are ypu still subscribed to the PMC emailing list?
>> The roll call has been an email you've been asked to respond to :-)
>> Stefan

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