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From Rob Vesse <>
Subject Re: Draft Board Report
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2014 14:10:56 GMT
There is generally no harm in having PMC members who don't show up so to

Most Apache votes (e.g. release votes) purely require consensus (more +1
than 0/-1) sometimes with a minimum +1 count (3 in the case of releases)
so having someone who is inactive on the PMC should rarely if ever be an
issue unless you've written the project bylaws to require % majority votes
on some actions (which is unusual and generally not recommended)

Projects I'm involved at at Apache have large PMCs of which only 2/3
members are actively coding, another 2/3 only answer questions and there
are several others who haven't done anything in a long time but remain on
the PMC regardless as it doesn't do the project any harm and as noted
unless the person explicitly asks to leave it is difficult to remove them
without a strong reason to do so


On 03/12/2014 23:22, "Prescott Nasser" <> wrote:

> Am I missing anything? I will be submitting later today (~6 hours from
>Apache Lucene.Net is a port of the Lucene search engine library, written
>in C# 
>and targeted at .NET runtime users.
>== Summary ==
>The PMC has recognized we have become stagnant and have not had a release
>two years. We are actively working towards rebuilding and re-invigorating
>- Cleaning up our PMC processes:
> - We realized several PMC members were not on the private mailing list
> - There was a typo in the moderation account for the mailing list
>   that wasn't realized
> - We had a roll call, and everyone but a single member showed up (Simon)
> - We attempted to vote him off the island (go Emeritus). We were noticed
>   that would require a board resolution or board action - so I'm asking
>   the board to please give us the next steps for us to take
>- Working on our community / tooling:
> - We're actively brainstorming how to create better documentation around
>   getting started with Lucene.Net as a developer, and getting invovled
>   as a committer
> - With the help of our community members and some free licensing, we are
>   in the process of setting up a CI system for our tests
> - We're looking at possibly pulling in questions from stackoverflow to
>   mailing list to expand visibility of those questions to the mailing
>   and hopefully spur conversation (SO questions look like 1 per 1-2 days
>   or so at most)
> - Looking at a website refresh to go along with the documentation
>- Pushing hard on 4.8.0.
> - We were provided a contribution from MSFT over the summer of a
>   code port of the 4.8.0 Java code. We have been working to clean that
>   Currently we have 300 failing tests to fix, as well as some additional
>   libraries that help users make the most of Lucene.Net (encoding codecs
>   contrib extensions)
>We could use any advice or assistance on the above to help us build /
>rebuild our
>== Releases ==
>Working toward 4.8.0
>== Statistics ==
>Nuget package downloads:
>Lucene.Net 3.0.3: 106720
>Lucene.Net Contrib 3.0.3: 29343
>Lucene.Net Contrib Spatial: 3987
>Lucene.Net Contrib Spatial.NTS: 980

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