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From "Vanlerberghe, Luc" <>
Subject RE: [Possibly spoofed] GitHub pull requests vs. Jira issues
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2014 10:15:09 GMT
Oops, this was meant for lucene-dev, not lucenenet-dev


-----Original Message-----
From: Vanlerberghe, Luc [] 
Sent: maandag 15 december 2014 11:11
Subject: [Possibly spoofed] GitHub pull requests vs. Jira issues


I recently created two pull requests via GitHub that arrived on the dev list automatically.
(They may have ended up in spam since I hadn't configured my name and email yet, so the From:
field was set to "LucVL <>")
I repeated the contents below just in case.

Do I need to set up corresponding JIRA issues to make sure they don't get lost (or at least
to know if they are rejected...) or are GitHub pull requests also reviewed regularly?



    o.a.l.queryparser.flexible.standard.StandardQueryParser cleanup

    * Removed unused, but confusing code (CONJ_AND == CONJ_OR == 2 ???). Unfortunately, the
code generated by JavaCC from the updated StandardSyntaxParser.jj differs in more places than
    * Replaced Vector by List/ArrayList.
    * Corrected the javadoc for StandardQueryParser.setLowercaseExpandedTerms
    ant test in the queryparser directory runs successfully

    BitSet fixes

    * `LongBitSet.ensureCapacity` overflows on `numBits > Integer.MaxValue`
    * `Fixed-/LongBitSet`: Avoid conditional branch in `bits2words` (with a comment explaining
the formula)
    * Harmonize the use of `numWords` vs. `bits.length` vs. `numBits`
     * E.g.: `cardinality` scans up to `bits.length`, while `or` asserts on `index<numBits`
    * If a `BitSet` is allocated with `n` bits, `ensureCapacity` with the same number `n`
shouldn't grow the `BitSet`
     * Either both should allocate a larger array than really needed or neither.

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