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Subject 4.3 update -- Analyzers, Queries, QueryParsers, Highlight, Facet
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2013 13:53:39 GMT

I’ve just pushed up to the ASF git repo (branch_4x) a bunch of changes that now wrap up
a number of things in the port:

Analyzers ported for most common analyzers -- Simple, Whitespace, Keyword, Standard, and now
EnglishAnalyzer. Standard and English analyzers have been lightly tested but need more testing.
Also pushed up is the ChineseAnalyzer from Athrun Saga.

New Sandbox contrib library to match upstream. Moved regex query classes into here to match
upstream as well.

Queries library fully ported.

New QueryParsers contrib library fully ported. Classic QueryParser has been lightly tested.

Highlight and FastVectorHighlight have been merged into just Highlight to match upstream,
and have been fully ported. Also includes new Postings Highlighter.

New Facet contrib library effectively fully ported. There were some large classes in Facet.Collections
that weren’t being referenced that I haven't ported yet, because I can’t figure out what
they’re used for. It’s been lightly tested and it’s so refreshing to have a robust faceted
search in!

There’s still a number of the other contrib libraries that do not yet build. But I don’t
think my wrists can take any more of this late night and weekend hacking, so I’m
going to pull back for a bit. Please, if someone can work on polishing up the build process,
finishing the other contrib modules (there’s some new cool ones upstream like Codecs), I’d
greatly appreciate it. And when porting from the java code, make sure you’re referencing
the lucene_solr_4_3 branch of the lucene-solr project, so that you aren’t trying to introduce
4.4, 4.5, or 5.0 code just yet.

My plan is to now jump in as needed while testing what I’ve ported so far against my existing
apps. I hope that in the coming months we can catch it up to Lucene 4.5 compatibility, which
would be relatively easy to do now that the hard work is done.

So, what’s left:

Port or remove existing contrib libraries as needed

Port new contrib libraries from upstream (i.e. codecs)

Clean up build process and solution files

Port unit tests

Test, test, test -- if you aren’t using the un-ported contrib libraries, you can start testing
today. Just build the assemblies as needed from the Lucene.Net.All.sln.

Start to think about updating the NuGet package after fully tested

Port 4.5 changes to go from 4.3 to 4.5 compat


Paul Irwin

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