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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Windows RT / WP8 Version
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2013 06:41:44 GMT
On 2013-08-21, Christopher Currens wrote:

> I've been thinking lately of doing a real push to have Lucene.Net support
> more platforms, specifically Windows RT and Windows Phone 8.  There are two
> ways I can think of doing it, and each has its own specific advantages and
> disadvantages.

One thing I can tell you is that the release process can easily become a
PITA either way.  At least if you want to extend it to platforms VS
cannot cross-compile to OOTB.

I've been the release manager of the last log4net release and am
preparing to cut a new one, so memory is fresh.  log4net uses NAnt to
build and builds for several platforms from the same codebase with
defines (NET_4_0 and so on) controlling code-paths that need specific
platform or language features.

For each additional platform you add the release manager must be able to
build for it - no matter which approach you take.  This might be trivial
for some platforms as VS supports them today but not for others (say
MonoTouch) or no longer tomorrow (say you still want to support .NET 2.0
when VS 2015 drops support for it).

In log4net's case keeping around a virtual machine running XP that can
still build .NET 1.0 is the biggest hurdle.  As Lucene.NET doesn't
strive to support old platforms as long as log4net does, this may not be
as big of an issue.

Of course we release sources, not binaries.  So you could say the RM
only builds the stock .NET stuff and people who want to have a version
for MonoTouch should build them from source - or you have different team
members contribute binaries for different platforms much like the HTTPd
project does.


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